K1 visa status – NVC letter

The US petitioner receives the NOA2 notice of Action Approval notice from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  The US petitioner is given a USCIS case number that they can use to track the status of the i-129f package as it processed and eventually makes it’s way to National Visa Center.

Once the USCIS sends the package to the NVC, your case is given a NEW US State Department Case Number.  We think this is because USCIS is with Department of Homeland Security and NVC is under the US State Department.  These are two huge departments within the US government that handle many different types of cases in their own way.

NVC is very fast.  Unless something is wrong, all they do is forward your package the US embassy that can do interviews that is nearest to the beneficiary.  NVC will send a letter to the US petitioner containing the receipt number and case number. The letter serves as a notification that NVC has received the approved I129f application.


The beneficiary will use the case number to pay for visa fee and in scheduling an interview appointment for US embassy.

The U.S embassy or consulate will contact your fiance(e) when they are ready to process his or her petition.k-1-visa-status


K-1 visa process Checklist for Interview

K-1 visa process checklist of the documents to bring for the US Embassy Interview

Secure an extra copy of the original/certified documents that you will submit during your interview. The original documents you will present in the interview will not be returned to you.  Photocopy all your documents for a personal filing for you to keep. Also, some of those papers will be needed in the future as a requirement for finding  job, getting your identifications and in applying for Adjustment of Status after your arrival in the United States.

*note:  what my fiance and I did was gather everything we would need during the i129f petitioner application.  Much of what is needed for the i129f is also needed for the embassy interview so we made all the copies we would need for both i129 AND interview.  Make (or get) more than what you need then KEEP a copy of everything because you will need them all again, and again.k1-nonimmigrant-visa

a. A copy of Nonimmigrant visa electronic confirmation page (DS-160). Print the DS-160 Confirmation Page that contains the barcode information to bring to your interview. https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/

b. Passport. You must have your passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

c. A certified copy of Birth Certificate. If NSO does not have a copy of the birth certificate, you must obtain a statement about its unavailability from the NSO and obtain a certified original copy (not an extract) of the birth certificate from the local registrar in the town where you were born.

d. A certified copy (green form) NBI Clearance. Applicants aged 16 years old and older must have a validRecord Clearance (for travel abroad purposes) from National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).Clearances should be in the applicant’s current name, birth certificate name, maiden name and any aliases and nicknames used, including different spellings you have used of those names. An official letter of explanation from the NBI is required for any notation of ‘’No Criminal record’’ or ‘’No pending case’’. For immigration purposes, an NBI clearance is valid for 1 year from the date it was issued. Website: http://nbi.gov.ph/

e. A copy of Other Country Police Certificates. Applicants aged 16 years and older must also presentpolice certificates from other countries where they have lived for six (6) months or more after reaching the age of 16. Foregn police certificates should be obtained in any maiden names, aliases or nicknames used while in the country in question,including different spellings you have used of those names. Country-specific information on how to secure police   certificates is available on the State Department’s website @ http://travel.state.gov/visa/fees/fees_3272.html

f. Copies of Court and Prison Records. Applicants who had been arrested, charged or convicted of acrime must present copies or transcripts of court or prisonrecords relating to the crime or offense.

g. Certified copies of Military or Police Service Records. Applicants who served in the military or police shouldpresent certified copies of their military or police service records.

h. Evidence of a Genuine Engagement. You must be prepared to prove to the consular officer that youhave a genuine relationship with your petitioner and a clearintention to marry within 90 days of your admission in theU.S. Samples: photographs, letters, emails, phone records, bank records and remittance records as evidence supporting the relationship and an updated letter of intent to marry.

i. A certified copy  of Proof of Termination of a Prior Marriage.  If applicable, official documents (divorce decree, annulmentdecree or death certificate, etc.) that prove all prior marriagescontracted by you and the petitioner have been legallyterminated prior to the filing of the petition must be submitted.

j. Certified copy of Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR).  If you have never contracted marriage, a CENOMAR (singleness)issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and printed onNSO security paper must be submitted.  NSO contact number:02-737-1111  http://census.gov.ph/

k. Evidence of Support.  You must be able to demonstrate that you will not become a public charge or be a burden on the U.S taxpayers for financial support. A completed I-134 Affidavit of Support with original signature will be useful to the consular officer to evaluate your petitioner’s ability to be financially responsible for you. You should submit your petitioner’s most recent U.S. Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040) and wage statements (form W-2). Employment letters stating the salaries and bank statements mayb be included to substantiate the I-134.  click the link for I-134 information. http://www.uscis.gov/i-134.

l. 4 pcs visa photos.  Prepare 4 visa photos. 2 may be taken during your USembassy interview, and another 2 for your medical report.Photos should be 2 by 2 inches (roughly 50 mm square) with white background and the head centered in the frame. Click the link for detailed photo instruction.  http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/general/photos.html

m.  DHS documents. If you have applied for any benefit such as changeof status, adjustment of status, or asylum,  beforeUnited States Ctizienship and Immigration Services(USCIS), or have been the subject of any enforcement proceedings,such as deportation or removal proceedings by ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement, please bring all your documents pertaining to such matters with you to the interview.

n. Medical Report.  Medical Examination.  All k1 and k2 visa applicants must complete a medical examination at St. Luke’s Extension Clinic atleast aweek before the US embassy interview.

Reminder: Do not bring any electronic devices such as phones, headphones, tablets including usb in your interview. Applicants who are bringing devices will be denied entry in the building.

Non immigrant visa case number: Letter from US Embassy

Once the US petitioner receives the NOA2 notice of Action Approval, the case will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will then create the visa case number that the beneficiary will use in scheduling an interview appointment to the US Embassy. NVC will forward the visa case number to the US embassy nearest to the beneficiary where the interview will be held.  When the US embassy receives the case number, they will send a letter to the beneficiary containing the case number, an instruction on where to do the medical examination and a government website link that will provide you the information on the forms you need to fill, things you need to do before the interview.

The letter shows your non immigrant visa case number, website link, applicant information. Another letter attached to the embassy mail is information about the medical examination and average timeline of visa issuance and delivery.



Another letter attachment is the copy of the i-129f petition approval letter. It is the copy of the I129f petition application that was previously submitted to USCIS.



The last attachment letter is the information about your rights from domestic violence and information on what you are going to do next after arriving in the United States. It is written in both your native language and in English.

k1-requirements k1-requirements




Non immigrant visa USA for closed-loop cruise

During our 3 day cruise from Long Beach, California to Mexico, I was worried that they would not let me on the ship since I am not a US Citizen.  I am a citizen of the Philippines and my status in the US is that of a “nonimmigrant” in the process of getting a permanent residency card.  Right now I have been issued an I 512 parole card.  Months ago, I applied for my permanent resident card but I have not received it yet. The USCIS in Colorado takes almost a year before the applicants can get their permanent resident card.

We called Carnival Cruise customer service and they said they did not have an answer if I can go on a cruise or not.  The next day another Carnival cruise representative called me and asked about the cruise. His name was Emmanuel. I was so thankful that he called me back saying that I can go on the cruise. Our cruise is only 3 days and was a “closed loop”.  A closed loop means it is going back on the same port where it started.  I also presented my passport and my I 512 parole card and I was able to go.

When I returned, border patrol needed to see the same documents to determine my status in the US.

I had been researching the identification needed before we left for the trip. I have read in the cbp https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1139/~/documents-needed-to-take-a-cruise of what kind of identification has to be taken.

Immigration and Customs Scam

Dina, a friend of mine told me about a filipino scammer calling himself “Mike” who called her pretending to be a staff member from the Philippine Immigration.  Because facebook accounts of many people are public, Mike was able to grab some of her personal information.  Mike knew that Dina was living and working in San Deigo, California.  Mike also managed to get the mobile number of Dina’s mother.

Mike called Dina’s mother and told her that her daughter was in trouble. He told her that Dina had to return back to the Philippines for an emergency and was now stuck in the Immigration.  Mike said that DIna needed $40,000.00 in order to come home.  He also instructed her to place it into her bank account and let him know when the money was there. He also asked for the bank account information. immigration-and-customs-scamDina’s mother was very worried but told Mike that she does not have that amount.  She also said that she only have $50.00 in the bank.  The guy demanded that it is not enough and that they should make a way to gather the $40,000.00 to save Dina.  The niece of Dina heard the conversation and told Dina’s mother that it might not be real, that they do not really know if what is going on. She was thinking that if her Auntie was really in trouble, she would have personally called them. She also searched Facebook to see of when was Dina’s last wall post. Her post was only a few hours ago when the Immigration guy called. So she told Dina’s mother to not worry. And in San Francisco time, it was only 2am and that they will wait to talk to her once she is awake. They ignored the guy, did not give the account and no money was taken.

I know that this story sounds ridiculous but it is still happening in the Philippines and to Filipino workers abroad.  The scammer calls pretending to be from a government agency.  They will talk smooth and professionally and often target unsuspecting older people that have no idea scams like this exist.

For all the filipinos back in the Philippines who have families in the United States,  always beware of scams. They are always hunting for victims. Do no fall for the trap. Do not give out your bank accounts or credit card information for any reason.

K1 visa status process

What is a k-1 visa?

The k1 is a nonimmigrant US Visa. It is sometimes referred to as the “fiance visa” or “i129f petition” because it is used by US citizens who want to petition (make a formal request for) their foreign fiance to come to the United States.

K1 visa cost

The initial cost for the i129f petition is $340.00.  Once the petition is approved, the alien fiance (aka beneficiary) will have a medical fee.  The amount of the medical fee will depend on the location.  In the Philippines the amount is $250.00.  You can find out more here: http://ustraveldocs.com and search for “medical fee”.  Another fee is the visa application which was about $260 at the time of this writing (2015).  You will not be able to schedule an interview without paying the visa fee.


K1 process

The k1 process takes an average of 6 months, but can take as little as 4 months.  If there are complications it can take a year or more.  Complications can include missing documents, missing payments and improperly filling out the documents.

 Case Number

A case number is assigned to your application once the visa is created and is sent to the nearest embassy where the applicant’s interview will be conducted.k1-visa-status-process

 K1 visa status

You can check the status of your visa from the government website:  ceac.state.gov. Select ‘’Check My Visa Application Status’’. Under the Visa Application Type, Select Non Immigrant Visa (NIV). Also Choose the country and enter your case number.


K1 visa to aos

Once the foreign fiance is in the USA (YAY!) with her nonimmigrant K1 visa, they have 90 days to “adjust of status” to “immigrant”.  Based on the condition of a K1 fiance visa, you have to get married within 90 days after your arrival in the United States. Within that 90 day period, you also have to gather the requirements for your Application to Register Status (AOS). Then you have to submit it to USCIS in order to receive a conditional green card. A conditional green card lasts up to 2 years.

 K1 visa instructions

A set of k1 visa instructions can be found on this site. We wrote a batch of articles specifically for the k-1 visa process. Goodluck to all of the couples out there!










Timeline of fiance visa




Women shopping – USA

I have been here in the United States for almost a year now. I only recently started finding clothes is my style in my size for a decent price.  It took 7 months of online and offline research to find places in town.  One of the biggest challenges was the size difference between North American clothing and the Philippines.  For example, the jeans are longer. Filipinas are shorter and slimmer than the average American woman.  Filipinas are petite by any South East Asian standard but compared to Americans they like preteens.

Another issue was that Philippines clothing is suited for a tropical climate and I moved to a dry climate with four seasons.  All I had were “summer” clothes.  Once I got here I just grab clothes that I could fit even though they were not my style just for the sake of having something warm to wear.   I am only able to wear the Philippines clothes when it is Summer.  In Colorado summer is only 3 months.  Most people just wear pants, a simple shirt and a jacket.  Fashion here is not so defined unlike Los Angeles, California or New York City, NY.


Last April, I discovered that target has teen petite sizes shirts. I just had to look around long enough to see more options for me. One brand I like is called Mossimo. I fit the EXTRA small.  The normal small sizes are quite loose.  For jeans, I also found a Mossimo brand that had a good length and does not look odd when I wear it. I got one pair to test it out. I also found a few shirts from ross which are very low prices and decent quality.

Jeans: $ 27.00women-shopping

For shoes, I had been going to shoe depot. They had good prices branded shoes there. So far I had only been buying shoes in that store. I had to check in payless as well but the styles are too countryside. I had seen nice shoes in Macy’s but at that time I was not ready to spend more than what I thought the prices would be. It is a little off from my expectation. Also, I get bored with the same shoes and only want to keep it for a year or less so its not really ideal for me to buy a very expensive pair of shoes.

Price range: $20.00- $ 60.00

Dr Jays is my new online hub of fashion style. They got okay quality stuff. The design and uniquess is what I like the most. It fits to my dress style. They have really good prices for what you are getting. They also sell brands of affordable clothing like Baby Phat.

Price range: $ 5.00 – $50.00


USCIS i129f process app

Hello!  This  is  me,  yuri,  from Efilipinowomen.com.


Good News to all the couples out there who are going through the process of getting a US k1 visa.


We have created an APP:


  • That will guide you through your k-1 fiance visa.
  • It consolidates all the information that you need to get the process done.
  • It puts everything in one place.


We broke the process into 5 Steps you will need  and we added

  • Forms
  • Glossary    AND …..
  • Contacts



STEP 1 , Petition  has  all  the things the Petitioner (US citizen)  needs for the I-129F.


I – 129 f has a sample document  and description of the application  requirements.


If we go to the next step, we see a sample of the  ‘’proof of meeting’’.  These is a sample document that serves as  a guide for you on what you can submit.


If we go into the  ‘’Forms’’, here we see a sample of each as well as description.

So the first step of the fiance visa process is done by the petitioner. The petitioner is a US citizen requesting or petitioning for his/her foreign fiance to come to the United States.

How long it takes really depends on the petitioner becuse it is the petitioner who has to gather all the evidence to complete the I129f. Providing the evidence is what Step 1 is all about.


This App is compatible with Android and IOS phones (iphones and ipad).  Just go to GooglePlay or the App store and search for “fiance visa”. Or you can also go to this link from your phone to download the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hussaingroup.fiancevisa

IOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/us-fiance-visa-framework-k1/id986503311?ls=1&mt=8


So goodluck to all couples!!!. :-)

I 129 petition: DS 160

Note: DS 156, Immigrant Visa Application is no longer used.  It has been replaced with DS 160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application.  DS 156 is the old form that applicants used before the US embassy created their online database.  The new online version of the DS156 is called DS 160.

What is a DS 160?

DS 160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application is a form on US Department of States Consular Electronic Application Center (https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/) that you have to fill out when applying for a Non-immigrant visa. It is the US Embassy’s database record for all the applicants of a Non-Immigrant visa. It contains all your personal information and a long questionnaire that you have to answer.  It is also the main requirement during your US embassy interview for obtaining your k-1 visa.  This document is filled out after approval of the I129f by the USCIS.


What is the first thing that you will see in the DS 160?

Click the link to go to the DS 160 homepage. https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx

The first thing you need to prepare is your scanned visa photo. You have to upload a visa photo before filling out the information needed.

What is the next step?

The next step is filling out your personal information such as name, age, date of birth, address, educational background and work experiences if any. When you are done filling out your personal information. You can proceed to the questions.

What are the type of questions that are ask in the DS 160?

The questions option is only a yes or no. If you say yes to a question. You have to provide a reason for it. Here are some of the questions asked:

Do you have any involvement in any terrorist group?

Are you a child of a terrorist?

Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease before?

Have you committed any crime in your country?

These are things that are are very confidential and if you did not have any related experiences with what was asked. A ”NO” to all is the perfect answer.


Print the confirmation page.

When you are done filling out the questionnaire, a confirmation page will appear. They will  also send you a copy of your confirmation page in the email you provided. You have to print it out and bring it during the day of your interview.

filipinos in america

Filipinos are everywhere around the globe.   I noticed that there are many Filipinos here in America too. I wonder how they are coping with the changes in environment.  Filipinos seem to be very adaptable and flexible and can live wherever without too much of a problem. I think it is amazing. I hear different stories of other immigrants who come here going through the same process of getting citizenship.

Many Filipinos I know are also here for work. The kind of jobs that they normally have are nurses and caregivers. These types of jobs are in demand here. I also have some relatives who immigrated to the US last year. They had a house in Cebu, Philippines but they thought life here was way better. They were already in their 60’s yet they came here to find jobs and continue their life.

According to Department of Homeland Security Record, there had been a total of 44,958 naturalized filipinos in the year 2012. It is 5.9 percent out of the total population of naturalized people in America. It has decreased by about .2 percent comparing to the number of immigrants in 2011 which was 6.1 percent and a total number of 42,520. (ref: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/ois_natz_fr_2012.pdf)

Filipinos can easily be found in big cities in the US.  Popular places for Filipino immigrants seems to be San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.  FIlipinos even have their own “Historic filipino town” and a Jolibee in Beverly Boulevard, L.A., California.  I visited L.A. and it was an amazing feeling to be there and to see numbers of filipinos.

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