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The Danger of Breast Cancer in Filipino Women and Its Cure

Breast cancer is now considered a deadly disease among the women.  Asian women other the age of 40 have the greatest risk.  Early awareness of this disease is important to catch the symptoms as quickly as possible.  Proper medical diagnosis at an early stage can save the lives of those affected.

Breast cancer has been on the rise in the Philippines.  A few years back, breast cancer could be diagnosed in Filipino women only in the last stage, mainly due to the lack of awareness about this disease.  But now several health organizations, the media and the government of Philippines has done a better job of spreading this vital knowledge among the Filipino women.

Common symptoms of breast cancer

Generally, unnatural changes of the breasts are regarded as a symptom of breast cancer. Immediate action can save lives.  The following symptoms can be signs of breast cancer:

  • A lump or unusual growth of certain breast tissues
  • The feeling of a pricking pain in the breast tissues or in the armpit
  • The development of rashes or crusts on the nipple of a breast, accompanied by frequent discharge of a liquid or even blood.
  • One breast may seem to be larger than the other one or suddenly sags downwards, unlike the other one.
  • Some changes in the original location or shape of the nipple may occur.
  • Parts of the breast skin may turn reddish.
  • The breast skin may become abnormally puckered or dimpled.
  • The armpit or the areas around the collarbone may be partially swelled too.


western union money in minutes

“Western Union – Money in Minutes” is a service of Western Union where you can send your money to another person anywhere in the world. Western Union made it very convenient and fast for their customers to be able to claim within minutes. You can also claim your money at any Western Union money transfer branches for as long as there is one in your area.  In a western union money order form, you can see the option when you are filling out out paper. It is under Cash Pick up which has the box to check Money in minutes. It used to be just an option before but they made it favorable to their customers to make all the transactions to arrive within minutes without charging extra fee for it.  western-union-money-in-minutes

You can also send online through their website at

Western Union Rates

Fees depend on where you send money to.  Fees for only $4.99 to send up to $20 online.
Fees at $1 to send up to $10 for pickup in minutes

Fees depend on where you send money to.  For the Philippines it is up to $10  to send  $ 100.00 – $ 2000.00

You can send money online in a few simple steps. You choose how you want to pay—whether it’s through your bank account, debit card, or credit card.1 You can also send money directly to your receiver’s bank account in selected countries, through an agent location, deposit into a mobile wallet or loaded onto a prepaid card. Western union money transfer is very fast and convenient for both the sender and the person claiming the money because they make the transaction quickly and they do not ask multiple identification cards to be presented unlike Xoom and other money sender services.


Online dating search

These days online dating search is the most effective way to find a mate.  The Internet allows you search for women around the globe.  For those looking for a filipina it’s no different.

From my previous article about the dating tips, I mentioned a couple of online dating sites you could go to find filipino women. Let’s analyze each one and rate them based on the risks.

*Before you even start going on dating sites looking for filipinas, you should be warned that there are a LOT of scammers on these sites.  Many others are looking for stability or a way out of their situation in the Philippines.  Among all of these you can find love.  But you should be aware of the situation in Philippines creating so many women trying to escape desperation. is one of the most popular online dating sites known throughout the Philippines. So this site has the greatest number of potential REAL lovers and an equal number of scammers.  Many couples met there and got married after a year or two of dating. I personally have used that dating website last 2008,2009,and 2011. In those years, the more I stayed on the website, the more I see that there are so many guys who are not serious.  My husband also enrolled at filipinocupid at in 2010.  He told me that he had talked to probably 50 girls and 80 percent of those girls either had a guy (or two), were “cam girls” and/or scammers.  Of the remaining 20%, 1/2 were were real but were only friends and the remaining amount were serious but either not his type or it just did not work over time.  Recently, another male friend of mine from the Czech Republic told me he was seeking for a potential wife on filipinocupid but the site is overpopulated with scammers. He said that the moment he talked to them they were already asking for money. So maybe the website is not reliable for seeking a real person anymore. was the second online dating website that I used. It was okay but in my opinion it is more of gaining popularity by men and women evaluating your photos and percentage of how good looking the photos are. I met a few people there but I did not have much seriousness when it comes to finding a good relationship on that one. It did not work for me.

Cherryblossoms is another dating website I have tried. I met serious guys there. People there are more real when it comes to talking. However, it is still up to the person if they are going to take the woman or man seriously. It is a paid website so men know more for what they want than the other free websites. It also limits the guy scammers. is basically more of a no strings attached, for guys who want to scam women and for people who do not have an idea on what they want at all. I have met a few guys there who uses photos of other men who are not really them. There are also guys who are just there to find someone for friends with benefits and or wanting friends. I find it a waste of my time to read profiles that says seeking for friends mainly because dateinasia is for dating. That is the purpose of the website.  is another one. It was okay. I have tried it also before but there are not many people there so your options are narrow. There are not as many filipinas there than the other websites I have mentioned. is another one that a few filipinas go to find specifically japanese guys. Some of the women in the Philippines exclusively date Japanese guys just like there are those that ONLY date white american, or only Norwegians or Korean men. It depends on their taste and the type of guys they are into. allows you to search people from the Philippines and most filipinas do not really mind adding a foreigner they do not know of. I would say this is one of the easiest way to connect with filipinas. Also, you will not have to pay a registration fee to communicate with the girls.




Where and how to send money order

Being abroad means I have to send money home from the United States to the Philippines from time to time. There are many different services.  You can send your money orders through Xoom, MoneyGram, Bank to Bank transfers, PayPal and BDO.  I have tried all of those but the quickest and most reliable seems to be Western Union.

Xoom remittance. how-to-send-money-order-3I have had issues with Xoom.  When sending money, they once did not send the money so I had to call them to have the money returned to my account.  It took weeks to get my money back.  Also, they were very strict in allowing the recipient to pick up the money.  They required two IDs.  With MoneyGram it is easy to send money from the US but there are not many branches in the Philippines.  Not as many as Western Union.

Bank transfers are probably the worst.  They usually take 3-5 business days, they don’t send to certain banks so they are not normally able to make the transaction. Bdo bank philippines has a remittance account that will not charge you more in claiming your money. It will go straight to your account within a few days. It only requires an amount of P 500.00 deposit from the time of enrollment.

PayPal limitations. how-to-send-money-order-4 I love paypal.  I use it for MANY online transations.  BUT when sending to family in the Philippines I cannot use it because they don’t have accounts linked to Paypal.  In most cases, they don’t have a paypal account at all.

Western Union money transfer has none of these problems.  It’s quick and for the Philippines, it is very cheap to send money.  Also, they only require 1 valid id which is government issued id like a drivers license, passport, postal id and or a student id. And if you have been a regular customer at a same western union branch,  they will only confirm the id number and may not ask to see it anymore since they already have your record in their

Tip: When claiming your money bring your MTCN (money transfer control number) with you, check multiple Western Union branches and compare their rate to the online currency exchange rate. Pick the one who exchange the highest to get more out of what you are claiming. Some of them exchange it like almost 2 dollars less plus the charge document stamp tax which I think are unfair for their customers.

There is a new method that just came out called Transferwise:

How to attract the right filipino girl for you?

When it comes to love and physical attraction, everyone has a preference. Some men prefer the Nordic blonde hair and blue eyes.  Some men are looking for the voluptuous, powerful body of an African woman.  While others are looking for long black hair and almond eyes of some asian women.  I think it is ok to appreciate the beauty of all types and it is okay to have preferences.

I have met some men who are crazy about filipino girls.  I know that it is hard to find a filipina who is serious.  Is there a way to avoid the scammers while searching for the right one? How will you determine if she’s really what you want?  What do you have to do to finally find her?filipino-girl

There are 6 things you need to get the right filipino girl for you.  This is a technique I showed one of my friends.  This is associated with law of attraction. It works and I know it because it worked for me.  I have tried it many times in different situations in life when I needed it.

  1. First, visualized the appearance of how you want your filipina to be.
  2. Write down the personalities of how you want your filipina girlfriend to be.
  3. Write down the special qualities that you want her to be.
  4. Write everything including how you want the future to be with her.
  5. Be ready to accept your opportunity of meeting her and to be with her. She will come in your life when you are ready.  Find that diamond and do not get distracted by stones. When you meet someone in the middle of your search and feel that she is only halfway of your dreamgirl, then it is not her. She should be at least 90% of the dream girl that you have visualized her to be.
  6. Do not give up and keep searching. Each of us has a match destined for us. We just have to work to find him/her. Attract that person with your mind and concentrate.

Here is a note I made for myself to stay focus and happy everyday. I placed it next my desk. filipino-girl (2)

Once you have followed the steps above. I am sure it will also minimize the amount of scammers and bad filipinas that will come along the way of your search. You are near to finding your dream filipino woman. Goodluck!


A proper date with a filipino girl

Many of my readers contact me on facebook asking for advice on their love lives and girls they have met online. They also ask for my advice on dating a filipina and how to behave. Many of them are preparing to go the Philippines to travel around and meet women whom they can potentially have a deeper relationship with.  So I figured sharing this article will also help other men who might get a filipina girlfriend or wife.  We will explore questions such as:

  • What should you do to not offend your filipina date?
  • How should you behave to successfully impress and pleased the woman?

Focus on what you want.  If you are going to the Philippines with no intention of getting serious, then places like Angeles, Subic Bay, Manila or Cebu can cater to your needs.  A bar girl on the job will entertain and treat you nice.  For her it’s all about business.  If you are looking for something more serious then do not look in a gogo bar for a bar girl on duty. Find a girl online before you go and treat her like you would want to be treated by the partner of your dreams.   If you have to pay the girl to be with you, then it’s not a relationship, it’s business.  Do not confuse love for business or business for love.

courtesy of

courtesy of

1. How should you behave during your date?  Just be yourself, but don’t be rude.  One of the most offensive things  you can do is to look at other women while you are on a date.  If you hope to have an awesome relationship, or even just get laid your chances are diminished if you are constantly checking out another woman’s assets.  Have discipline.  Would it be ok for her to flirt with other guys or check out other men’s “packages” after you just paid for dinner and a trip for two in Boracay?  If she is, then move on  #thesehoesaintloyal.


photo from

photo from

2. Walking too fast.  Filipinas do not walk so fast, so if you leave her behind because you are used to walking fast, she might feel bad.




3. Filipinas are mostly submissive.  If you ask her where she want to eat, most of them will say “up to you”.  They are trying to be polite.  Many filipinas are very, very submissive due to upbringing.  You should not take this the wrong way or try to abuse your position. For example, don’t be over bearing with the date.  Be open enough let her choose so she knows that her feelings, preferences and desires COUNT.  This will win MAJOR points.  If you can empower her, you are giving her a feeling no one else can and she will worship you because of it (if she is a good woman).  Another thing you can do to win points is to be interested in her culture.  Try the food of her country, try to learn her language.  If you are offered an exotic food that you do not think you can eat, refuse politely. If you do not like the filipino food, suggest that you want eat something American or european food. Being a gentleman is a huge plus. Filipino girls are drawn to gentlemen. Who will open doors for her, ask her and make her decide where to go.  Remember, empowerment works. And when you display it, you will be seen as a real prize, a rare precious gem that other women will literally try to steal.


5. After a few dates.  if you feel you really like each other, ask her to become your girlfriend. Don’t leave it hanging in between as “friends with benefits” because that will mean you are not interested in anything but sex. And she will decide to step out of immediately.

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courtesy of

6. Prostitution.  If you are dating a conservative not very open minded filipina, do not be very opinionated about how rampant the prostitution is in the Philippines because even though it exists, it is a sensitive topic there.  It is the equivalent of talking about god, politics or race in the United States or talking bad about the royal family in UK or Thailand. It is a controversial topic in the the Philippines.  If you have had a sex with prostitutes before, it is better not to mention it because that might change her mind about keeping you.

7. Do not commit if you do not feel like she is the one. There is always trial and error in dating.  You might meet crazy ones, suspected scammers or some that you are just not compatible with.  It just means you have to back out quickly. You might meet a gold digger which will empty your pocket.

8. Traditional Filipinas. There are some very traditional filipinas that are from the provinces. If you meet this type of filipino girl, you can’t have sex without marrying her.  If you are really serious and think she is the one, then marrying her is your only option to take things further. Religion. If you are not Christian or you do not have religion.  Just be polite. Do not talk crap about religion because many filipinas are very religious.  According to wiki research, 90 % of the entire population of the Philippines is Christian faith(mainly Roman Catholic).

10. Talking Nasty around guy friends. For most filipinas who are conservative, talking about sexual things around friends is offensive.  So it is better to avoid a conversation like that so you don’t end up in a petty argument.

What is a k2 visa

The K2 Visa allows the unmarried children (under age 21) of a fiance(e) to move the United States.  The K2 is based on K1 Visa which enables a US Citizen to bring their alien foreign fiance(e)s to the U.S. with the intent to get married.

The K2 is started when the US Citizen starts a petition to get their foreign fiance into the USA.  The petition is started with the an application form called I-129f, petition for alien fiance. This application (which is more like a package because it includes many documents) is submitted by the US Citizen (petitioner) to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  The I-129f has an area that asks about the children of the foreign fiance.  Each dependent of the foreign fiance would have to have a K2 visa.

Upon approval of the petition, the USCIS sends the petition package to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) where it is processed and routed to the embassy or consulate near the foreign fiance.

Once the K1 Visa is approved by the embassy, the alien fiance can enter the US but must marry within 90 days of arrival.  A K2 Visa holder may enter up to one year after the K1, but a K2 Visa holder may not enter the U.S. before the K1.

This is a bit of an oversimplification of the K1/K2 process because we did mention the need for Medical, Consulate interview or the Adjustment of status process, but we wanted to give a clear picture of where the K2 stands in relationship to the K1 Visa.

dating tips for men seeking for filipina

If you are really serious about finding your pinay lover, you must have patience and perseverance to find the right one.  Dating a filipina and finding your match will not be an easy task.  With both offline and online dating, you have to take your time to get to know your filipina before taking the next step.

Some guys rush in and end up in a very bad situation.  They can end up with a scammer, or a partner who is already committed to one or more other guys or a very selfish person. Some very bad filpinas only hook up with a guy to marry for a trip to the US, Canada or Europe. So let’s sort out things that you have to consider when looking for filipinas that you you want to get serious with.

  • Which website should you go to? Online dating is by far the best place to look, but what sites should you go to?  So far, I would say you can go to filipinocupid, christian dating websites, date in asia, or But beware of the scammers. There are a LOT on all of these sites.  They are everywhere. They continuously scam foreign guys.  Some make a pretty good living off of it giving a bad reputation to all filipinas.  But if you keep looking, you will find some diamonds in the
  • Are there real girls on online dating sites? Yes, there are.  My husband and I met on one of these dating sites.  It took a lot of trial and error for both of us to find each other.  Since we found each other we have been very happy.  Don’t lose hope.   My husband was on filipinocupid for a year before we met and has been scammed multiple times.  But you can avoid that from happening to you by being
  • How long should you talk to the girl before committing? You should keep talking to the filipina for a few months before committing of anything serious.  Take time to really get to know the person.  You have to know what they are all about, what type of a person they are and if they fit into what you are looking for a woman.  You should meet her in person before you really start committing.  At the very least you should see her on video.
  • Dealing with Poverty of the Philippines.  One huge issue in the Philippines is the poverty.  Many of the women looking for foreign guys are trying to get out of the terrible situation many average Filipinos are in.  You will understand when you visit.  Just because ladies want a man with financial stability does not mean they are all scammers.  A question that I get a lot is, how long should you wait till you start sending money? As I said, wait for a couple of months, talk to her continuously. Then you should be able to determine if she is real and if it is right to send her money. dating-tips (2)
  • Other Option besides dating sites.  If dating sites are too much hassle, another thing you can do is to ask friends or family if they know any good girls they can hook you up with.

Other dating tips:

  • Get straight to the point. When talking to the woman get straight to the point of what you want to happen and what you feel.  What are your thoughts? Do not say that you are looking for a wife if you are not ready to commit.
    photo from

    courtesy of

  • Be honest. Do not sugarcoat your stories to impress the woman. It is better to be honest with your real situation, your status of relationship, your age and even on your finances because when you hide it, it will come up later and it will not end nicely.
  • Keep Your Options Open. That means talk to women without promising them anything. That way you will know which one is best for you.  It can also help you see which filipina you can communicate for a long time and can get along with in all types of
  • Wishy washy mind. Being in the Philippines with so many beautiful women might make you distracted.  If you committed to one but find another interesting filipina, you should make up your mind.  Nothing is wrong with not committing to one woman but don’t lie about commiting if that is not your intent.  Do not complicate your life unnecessarily.
  • Settle. Once you have fully decided and met the right woman. Settle for that one woman. Keep the diamond and stop hopping into stones. It is like a one time opportunity. You have to be ready to accept that opportunity. Once it comes, grab it immediately.

That’s all for now, I hope all you guys will find your diamond. And good luck on your treasure hunt! lol.

How to improve a marriage?

We have been asked by readers about relationships and failing marriage.  It seems like some to the marital issues are easy to fix so we wanted to write a little about how to improve marriages.

When marriage becomes shaky, what are you supposed to do? What are the factors that can improve your marriage? The question of ”how to improve a marriage life” is an elusive topic for many couples.My husband and I gathered the keys that can help improve your relationship. It is based on our own experience as a couple.


The first question is “Should you keep the marriage?” You will know if you consider the following questions:

- Can you see yourself with your partner for the next 10 years?

- Does being with the person make you feel depressed?

- Is your spouse severely depressed because of the relationship?

Improving your relationship is hard work.  So make sure this relationship is worth saving.  If it is not then don’t waste your time trying to work things out.  If it is a bad relationship then this may be an opportunity to make a clean break.

You need to talk to your partner.  Make sure they will invest enough into the relationship to meet you half way.  YOU CANNOT FIX IT ALONE.  It takes two people to fix the relationship.  If it is only you or ONLY your partner trying to hold things together, then it won’t work.

If you and your partner can identify problems together then you have the opportunity to fix those issues.  Or you may be determine that the problems in the relationship cannot be fixed.  What ever the issues they should be addressed immediately.

If the issue is that the relationship is stale, do something crazy to spice things up.  What do you have to lose?

You have Tried Everything:

So you have made self improvements, you have gotten better style, you have gotten in great shape, lost weight, gained muscle, served your partner, surprised them with gifts, tried to communicate, improved the sex, and showed affection.

If you have done everything listed above and none of that works then just move on.  It is likely that your partner has already “checked out” and is not willing to meet you half way.



Ead tracking & more info

Note: This information is applicable for people who traveled to the United States under a K1 visa. Along with the application of i485 adjustment of status (AOS), you will also have to apply for your Social Security Number (SSN) and Employment Authorization card. Your SSN will not be valid to use for work purposes until you receive your EAD card (Employment Authorization Document).

EAD is Employment Authorization Document card (Form I-512).  According to USCIS, United States employers must check to make sure all employees are allowed to work in the US.  If you are not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, you may fall into one of three categories of persons who are eligible for employment authorization:

Category 1: You may have authorization to work in the United States as a result of your nonimmigrant status

Category 2: You may have authorization to work for a specific employer as a result of your nonimmigrant status

Category 3: You may be in a category which requires you to file for permission to work

When USCIS sends your EAD card, it is mailed with 2 papers containing information about the card you receive.  For k-1 applicants going for an adjustment of status (AOS), the card that the receive is a combo card.  It serves as your Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Card.  The EAD is Form I-512.

Your combo card is valid for 1 year and has to be renewed once it expires. Remember that without the card, you are not allowed to apply for any jobs and if you do get one without the card it will be against the law which can put your entire AOS application at risk.

What is a combination  Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole card?


EAD card serves as your working permit that you can show to your employer when applying for a job. This will also be used when the employer is completing your Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9).If you are already employed, you may show the new card to your employer to prove that your work authorization has been extended. EAD may also serve as evidence of immigration status which is shown that you have a pending application for an immigration benefit authorizing employment while the application is pending.

Advance Parole is permission aliens who do not have a valid immigrant visa, to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad. These are usually non-immigrants who have applied to adjust their status to that of permanent resident or to change non-immigrant status.  Advance parole must be approved before the applicant leaves the United States, or any residency application will in general be denied.

Your combination Employment Authorization and advance parole card serves both an employment authorization document and advance parole document while your Form I-485 is pending at USCIS.

Your combo card also allows you to seek parole into the United States upon returning from travel outside the US. Taking your combo card is necessary when traveling outside the United States so you can present it to CBP officer at a US port of entry to seek parole upon return. You may also see instructions of Form I-131 and Form I-931 for additional information about using your advance parole document for travel.

What is form I 131?


Form I-131 is a travel application form you can submit along with your Application to Register Status or AOS.  It is an approval to travel document that you will present to the US Immigration during your travel outside the United States.

What is Form I-931?ead-tracking

Form I-931 is a document that shows all the information that you can use in any circumstances when you are using your I-512 advance parole.  This document is sent to you along with the combo card.


For ead tracking, go to the site . It is also the same website where you track the progress of your uscis adjust of status application. As soon you have your employment authorization permit or EAD card, you can start applying for jobs.



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