mothers day

Welcome to the World of Mothers!


Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world. !!!


Being a mother is a tough job, probably the toughest job on earth.

No matter how tired moms get they still take the time to serve the family.  So its time for us to show respect and value them.


During Mother’s day we give them gifts, flowers, chocolates,pastries or treat them to a nice lunch or dinner to show our heartfelt gratitude to our dear mothers.


So why do we thank our moms and celebrate Mother’s day?


The moment a woman carries a baby inside her womb that marks the beginning of motherhood.  She suffers for about nine months.  Experiencing everything from morning sickness to mood swings to back pain.


Some have morning sickness worse than others, throw up every morning. Eww! Gross!  She is sometimes even restricted to certain foods.  Even the small of some foods make her nauseous.


She loses her figure and must deal with the the dramatic changes in her features.  Some mothers actually never get their original shape.


She endures hours of painful labor so that she can wake up every 3 hours to feel her sweet cute and lovely little baby.  She has to make sure the baby is safe, clean and healthy all the time. The mother has to bathe the baby and ensure that the little angel will have a good night sleep. Food has to be given at the right temperature too to avoid hurting the baby when feeding.


Taking care of a baby is never easy.  As the baby grows up into a toddler

an adolescent and a teen a mother’s work never stops.  She assists in homework and making projects. She is also responsible in guiding the right path and teaching children good manners and right conduct until they reach the stage of adulthood.

Realistically, everyday should be mother’s day.

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) How to Help

efilipinowomen has been donating to the relief effort in Tacloban.  We are doing what we can.  But never seems like a enough when you see the totality of destruction mostly  in Samar and Leyte.  Mostly, we are mostly concerned for the kids there with very little food and limited treatment.

yolanda tacloban boy

yolanda tacloban boy

The president declared a state of Calamity in parts of the Visayan areas















how are filipino women

How are filipino women?

Being a filipino

how-are-filipino-women (3)

how-are-filipino-women (3)

Of course, just like any other group, we have some very bad people who would rather lie, cheat and steal from others than do their own work or get their own lover or get their own source of income.  You will find bad people in every group, color, race, religion and culture.  Poverty drives many filipinos to do whatever it takes to survive.  That includes scamming foreigners who are wealthy by the standards of the average filipino.

Family is very important to filipinos.  Once you get closer to filipinos you will find yourself becoming apart of our family.  Through good and bad times, family is family.

How are filipino women as daughters?



Filipino women are obedient almost to fault.  Even if the parents tell the daughter to do something bad (such as prostitution or scam foreigners for money) she will do it.  Because of how filipino woman are trained, they often end up caring for two generations of their family.

How are filipino women as lovers?

Once a filipina gives her trust, she gives her heart entirely.  She is owned.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  It can be a bad thing because her infatuation can make her dramatic and jealous.  But you must understand that you have become her life.  You can calm her fears by always providing assurance that you love her just as much as she loves you (or more).

The great thing about this level of dedication is that she will do everything within her power to serve and protect you.  She will put you on a pedestal. She will always ask her man if he has eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner (which is a sign of great caring and love in the Philippines).

how-are-filipino-women (5)But yes, it can be irritating at times especially if you are not affectionate but it is just part of their care for their man.  She will also care for your side of the family as well.  For some chosen few filipino women will also care about your past, your exs, (funny and crazy right? but dude its true).

She will tell all her family and friends about you met, how you fell in love and the times you were together be it good or bad.


If this is how your filipino woman is, then congratulations, she is totally and completely yours!


pinay babes

We just wanted to take some time to post a few of our favorite pinay babes!  Believe it or not, pinay beauties like this are all over the Philippines.


Most of these pinay babes are fluent in english because the Philippines uses english as its primary language of business.  English is considered an international language in the Philippines.


Surprise, surprise like many other southeast asian women, many of the hottest pinay babes are very open to European looks.

pinay-babes (2).jpg





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filipina girls

Unlike south east asian women from China, Japan and Korea, filipina girls have a variety of looks, textures and body types.  They range from Spanish and European looking to very petite pacific island girls to fair skinned oriental.  Filipina girls are very mixed.  This is due to the history of the Philippines being occupied by the Spanish and the US, but there is also some influence from all over parts of south east asia.  The Filipino people are perhaps the most adaptable people on Earth and not at all xenophobic like many other south east asian cultures.  Filipina girls owe their diversity to the mixture of different peoples all over the world that this may be why the win so many International beauty pageants and have so many famous artist in every part of the world even with a relatively small population.


Why do Filipinas girls Win so many Pageants?  Because they are a beautiful mixture:

  1. Miss World 2013 – Megan Young
  2. Miss International 2013 – Bea Rose Santiago
  3. Miss SupraNational 2013 – Mutya Datul
  4. Miss International Tourism 2013 – Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City
  5. Ariella Arida, the Philippines’ bet for the Miss Universe 2013

So one of the first things you may notice about the filipina girl is how different they look from one another.  Some are mixed Chinese with almond eyes and light complexion, other cebuana girls look hispanic and or have similar features with thai and vietnamese women.  Some are dark, some are white skinned and some are brown.


Here are some photo collection of Filipina girl /girls:


filipina-girl (4).jpg






Beauty Contests – Miss Filipina World International 2013

Congratulations to all the beauty contests winners of the Philippines 2013!

Miss Filipina World International 2013 beauties

Congratulations to Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City!  She won Miss International Tourism 2013.

Wait a minute… are you noticing a trend here?  What is going on?! They took all the crowns in the same year! lol. That is not fair anymore.

Miss World 2013 – Megan Young

Miss International 2013 – Bea Rose Santiago

Miss SupraNational 2013 – Mutya Datul

Miss International Tourism 2013 – Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City

Ariella Arida, the Philippines’ bet for the Miss Universe 2013

Megan Young was the first Filipina to win Miss World.  But the most popular Miss World of 2012 was another filipina, Queenierich Rehman, who blew crowds away with her beat box skillz.

Bea Rose Santiago won 2013 Miss International, and filipinas had been in the top 5 contest for 4 years running!


Beauty Contest Ms Angeli Dione Gomez- Miss Tourism 2013-2014


Miss Supranational 2013- Mutya Datul


Beauty pageants Miss International 2013

Beauty pageants

Beauty pageants – Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago is Miss International 2013

Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago is Miss International 2013

Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago is Miss International 2013

Congratulations to Bea Rose Santiago for winning in beauty pageants and as Miss International 2013!  The 53rd Miss International beauty pageant was held in Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday, December 17.

Aside from her beauty, it may have been Bea’s sincere answer that won her the crown. In response to “What will you do if you win?” Bea said,

“The whole world saw how my country suffered. One by one, other countries helped. You have opened my heart and eyes on what we can do to help each other.”

She added, “I will work to sustain the spirit of sympathy and spirit of hope. As long as we work together, there is hope.”

Her win was followed by Miss Netherlands Nathalie den Dekker and Miss New Zealand Lorena Hermida, second runner up.


english speaking countries: PI

The Philippines is among the English speaking countries.  As a matter of fact, it is the most prolific of English speaking countries in South East Asia.

When a native English speaker visits the Philippines, they won’t even notice that there is absolutely NO language barrier.  The English language is so universal there that English speaking travelers don’t even notice how different the Filipino culture is from their own.

By contrast, if you are in Japan and the only language you know is English, the first thing you notice is the language barrier and for a native English speaker you may as well be on another planet because its so hard to communicate there.

In spite of great poverty and an almost 30% elementary school drop out rate, MANY Filipinos speak and understand English for two main reasons:

1 – English is considered an official language along with Tagalog

2 – English is taught in schools from a young age into University as the language of business.

There is so much bad news about the Philippines that many of the great things about it are completely over looked.  The adoption of English in regular prime time news, entertainment and education is one of the most incredible and over looked wonders about the Philippines.  Its the reason that many international students choose to complete their degree in the Philippines.  The low price (relative to other countries) is definitely the main reason, but another factor is that the schools are taught in enough English learning.

The Japanese government hopes to attract 300,000 international students to Japanese universities by 2020.  In such an exclusive society as Japan, this may prove difficult without PAYING students to attend.  And I must agree with Amy Chavez, the Japanese would  attract many more international students if more English was integrated into the mass media and academia.

The Philippines’ mastery of the english language is why many English speaking Canadians, Americans, and British choose filipinas over other women of South East Asia.


POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) is a government agency in the Philippines that is responsible for all the job openings and opportunities abroad. All matters about OFW (overseas filipino workers)  are processed there. POEA is responsible in monitoring job agencies that are operating on that year because some agencies continue their recruitments without the approval of POEA. It handles the licensing of the job agencies that caters people who want to work abroad. They track down agencies who are operating illegally as it puts the OFW at risk. POEA also warns people to always check if the agency they are applying are accredited for their safety and protection. It is hard for them to assist the filipinos when they do not abide the laws of other countries because when they get in trouble there is no excuse or any consideration on their part if they had enter into another the country illegally. POEA cannot protect overseas filipino workers if they have improper documentations upon going abroad. It is always best to abide to the laws and to its legal process to avoid consequences in the future. POEA are actively assisting filipinos who reports illegal recruiters and agencies and penalized the offenders.


For assistance, here is the official website of POEA

or you can also go to their offices personally on this addresses link below:



You can also check the list of the agencies that are currently operating:


Here are the sample of websites that are POEA accredited



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