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Why do filipinas whine so much?

why do filipinas whine?

The other day I asked my husband in a soft, pouting voice if he would please get me some water.  He told me he would do it and there is no reason to “whine” about it.

I got upset and told him I am not “whining”.  It is a voice that you use for someone you love.  In the Philippines my sister uses that voice with me.  I use it for small favors for my nephew.  In the Philippines, it is not whining, it is being extra polite.

This is just one of the many cultural differences and misunderstanding that we have all the time.  The way we deal with it is to communicate.  Luckily, we both enjoy learning from each other.

It is something that we have to overcome as a couple,  cultural differences. The word itself “whining” we do not have such thing.




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