What is a 2 year conditional green card?

A 2 year conditional green card is given to foreign fiances who came into the United States under a k1 visa. Under a k1 visa, the foreign fiance must get married within the 90 days and apply for adjustment of status. A 2 year conditional green card will be granted after a USCIS interview. A 2 year permanent residence or 2 year conditional green card is granted base on the condition that you have a legitimate marriage to your US petitioner.  The permanent resident must apply for removal of conditions 90 days before it expires to remain as a permanent resident in the US.

What is the purpose of a 2 year conditional green card?

2 year conditional green card serves as an identification and a proof that you are a permanent resident in the US. It also serves as an ID that you can use in applying jobs and other legalities that requires a valid government issued identification.

When can I receive a conditional green card?


You can receive your conditional green card after they approved your i 485 Permanent Residency application. The conditional green card processing takes 5 months to 1 year.

Why do I need a conditional green card?

2 year conditional green card is needed because you use it as an identification while you are waiting to get a US citizenship. It serves as your re-entry permit whenever you travel outside the United States.

How do I remove the conditions of my 2 year conditional green card?

You can apply to remove the conditions of your green card 90 days before the 2 years expires. You must submit form I 751 Removal of conditions along with proof of marriage with the same husband who sponsored you,the immigrant when you first applied for your green card. You must be able to supply a full evidence of your marriage in order to satisfy USCIS that your marriage is real. If you happen to have divorce while you are under 2 yr conditional green card, you can still apply for removal of conditions. You must submit evidences that your marriage were entered in good faith. Your case will then undergo further investigation.


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