We have been through some bad relationships, but we finally got it right. Here are our 5 keys to success.

  1.  Communication.  You have to trust your partner enough to open up and express your feeling to them.  But you also have to listen to them when they need you.  Don’t make assumptions about what you think they feel.  Don’t let bad feeling fester.
  2. Put your Partner first.  Think about what they need.  Think about how they feel and how you can make them better.  Put their feelings and needs first and a good partner will return the favor.  Even small expressions of putting your partner first mean a lot.
  3. Put 100% effort.  Do your best in the relationship.  Relationships do take effort to make them good and solid.
  4. Take your time to understand your partner.  Understand their background, their attitude, there culture so that you can understand their needs and wants.
  5. Be a Team.  You are in this together so you should both be focused on goals together.  Have a vision for what you want your lives to be like together.  Let your strengths empower your team.

These 5 things have really helped us to have a better life.  It has been very rewarding to serve each other.  And life is much easier to get through.

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