TOP 10 Things You will see in the Best Filipino Girls

TOP 10 Things You will see in the Best Filipino Girls

If you are looking for a filipina be warned that not all are good.  If fact, MANY are not good at all.  Unfortunately, if you are looking for the best filipino girl online you will be disappointed because probably 80% are scamming, materialistic, selfish and/or immature looking for a man to get money from.

best filipino girls
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But here are some things to look for in the Top filipinas on and offline:

1.  Educated.  A filipina who is a student or has a degree is a good catch.  It shows she has a work ethic and wants more for her life.  But education is definitely not all you need.  She can be in school and have a degree and still not even be close to the best.  A lot of students I met online would go on dating sites to scam guys to make money to pay for their degree.  Though education is going to tell you all you need to know about your “best filipina” it can be an indicator that she wants more from life.

2.  Employed.  The best filipino girls almost always have a job.  If she has a good job she is less likely to look for a guy JUST for money.  Also, the best girls of the Philippines are not going to want to waste their time playing games and scamming because they have a job.  If your filipina has career than there is a very good chance she is one of the best.

best-filipino-girls3.  Business Owner.  It takes mental strength and wisdom to run a business succesfully.  More importantly, a business owner knows the value of money so she does not need to ask you for money.  If she does you can bet that its an investment.

4.  Not broke.  Unfortunately, desperation is what drives many filipinas online to find a foreigner to get money.  There are lots of single mom on the dating sites who have been abandoned by her filipino guy.  So they have no money and cannot even waste time establishing a relationship.  She just starts begging.

5.  Does NOT ask for money.  Have noticed how many times we have mentioned “money” here?  Its because it is a very telling factor on whether or not she is real.  There is a trend in the Philippines where women are going into Internet cafes to find a guy on a dating site and ask for money.  If she can afford to pay for Internet why is she asking for money.  DO NOT give money online.  Dating sites are the wrong place to give charity.

6. Independent – when a filipina is independent, it means she can also make decisions for herself without relying on family or friend’s opinion.

7. Strong personality – having a strong personality is applicable for any race not just filipinas. This is a quality that men wants their woman to be.  It means she is mature enough to handle difficult situations and ready for a relationship.

8. Emotionally and mentally stable – a kind of filipina who is not always changing her mind, not violent and who is not alway dramatic on small issues.

9. Industrious – marrying a foreigner is not winning the lottery. It is a mentality that is hard to break. It is just an opening of a new life and opportunities in a first world country but it doesn’t mean that you won’t help your husband in making your house a home or getting a job outside when you want to or when it’s needed.

10. Being beautiful inside and out

Look for cold hard facts beyond just loving sweetness because anyone can fake what they think the best filipino girl will say.  But if she has proven herself with one of the above qualities it gives you reason to believe she is a top filipina worth your time and money to visit and maybe “wife” her.

Yuri Sincero
Yuri Sincero

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Yuri Sincero

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  1. Oh, how I wished this blog had been published 2 years ago. I would have saved me from a bad marriage to a filipina with zero out 10 of these traits. Hopefully it will save others from a tragic mistake.

    1. Hello ron, im so sorry to hear that. We only started this site last oct. From that time, I heard and knew lots of failed relationship due to wrong choice of partner and came up with this article for an additional tip to help men determine if the woman is serious and stable enough. Don’t give up I am sure there is a good woman for you.

  2. Hello artemio, I don’t understand why you are highlighting the OLD EXPAT a lot in your comment. Anyway , it takes a lot of factors in deciding to settle for that woman or for that Filipina. On top of what I have written , compatibility is very important in a relationship. Also, each person has his/her own preference. Choosing their partner is really up to them.

  3. I married a Filipina and she made my life a living Hell. All I ever heard was, “I want” & “Money, Money, Money”! I immigrated her, her mother, father, brother & 2 sisters. I was nothing more than a lottery ticket for her & her family to take advantage of my giving nature.

    The divorce was terrible. I wish that I had never traveled to the Phillippines. $2400 a month for alimony & child support for a unfaithful, disrespectful, self centered woman just isn’t fair. Unfortunately my experience isn’t isolated. I have known many American men that have met similar fates. I miss my children everyday, but not their mother.