Cost of Living in the Philippines

Cost of Living in the Philippines

Living in Philippines : Expat Trolls and Expat Vloggers

expats in philippines

Once we started talking about our experience of living in the Philippines, we started getting attacked by a bunch of troll accounts. Some are obviously fake anonymous accounts but there are also quite a real expats who are just negative cynical people that feel the need to spread that negative outlook to all humans.


There are many incredible Philippines Expat bloggers out there. There are many positive Expat/Philippines bloggers:
Lifebeyond the seas:
Philippine Dreams:
Bud Brown:
Nomadic In the Philippines:
A Brit in the Philippines:
Matt Wilkie:
Life in the Philippines:


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Traveling to the Philippines : how much money do I need for my trip

traveling to the philippines


how much money do i need traveling to the philippines

Youtube Comment: Chicky : Hello Yuri, How much money would I need to travel to Philippines ? I am planning to go for a month or two.

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Philippines Cost of Living: Makati City Philippines : Buy or rent

Philippines cost of living Makati city philippines

A subscriber of ours has asked me to create a video about makati.

retiring in philippines makati







makati places for rent–Philippines?s_tag=Sonk2NJd

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Retiring to the Philippines : How to secure your house


Retiring in the Philippines : How to secure your house

A subscriber of ours has asked me to do a video on how to secure your house if you decide to retire in the Philippines.

retiring in the philippines secure your house

  1. Door knob & double lock. You need an ordinary and a more secure lock.
  2. Secured fence. This is the most important thing that you need to do for your house. Securing your house with a high fence.
  3. Barb wires on top of the fence.
  4. Broken bottles, glasses on top of a concrete fence, so that no one can easily climb up your wall.
  5. Window grills.  Secure your windows and your door. Build a window and door grill.
  6. Always close your door. They wanna know what you have. What they can take. Who are the interesting ladies that they can possibly sneak to watch them undress.
  7. If you open your windows keep your curtains down because people very nosy. They wanna know your business.
  8. Always park your car and motorbike inside your garage. Because when they don’t like you they will steal or do something with your stuff.
  9. Keep a licensed gun in your house.
  10. Sliding door and sliding windows are not very ideal. French windows is much more ideal. Grills get rusty when the paint start to wear off. My former boss house had a sliding window with grills. They thieves removed the window grills and stole the laptop.
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Cost of living V : Ideal places to retire in Philippines

cost of living ideal places to retire in the philippines

Even though there are travel warnings from government agencies around the world there are some great places in Mindanao. These places are mostly in the East and North East part of Mindanao. Places like Davao, MalayBalay and Butuan to name a few are great places to retire. There are dangers in Mindanao but really there are dangers everywhere. All we can really do is manage our level of risk and avoid the more risky areas.

Yuri Sincero pulls in the experiences of people living in Mindanao to give expats a good idea where to retire in the Philippines. Whether you are marrying into a Filipino family or just want to safely experience the greatness of Filipino culture in one of the most beautiful places, Mindanao can be a great place to call home.


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