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VisaApproved #YuriBruce Livestream (4/10)

10 April broadcast visa approved

Yuri and I did a live stream directly on the Visa Approved group (April 4, 2017). We addressed questions live and talked to our community.

We love to do this and we are thankful to be apart of your process.
Thank you #VisaApprovers,#VAbabies

Join us next week



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Fiance Visa K1 Process Step1-4 intent to marry

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Fiance Visa K1 Process Step1-4 intent to marry. The US Petitioner and foreign fiance must provide proof of their intent to marry to the USCIS. This is provided with the I-129f, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e).

Here are samples of the letters of intent to marry:

Letter of intent sample- Yuri

Statement of intent to marry sample- Bruce


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2 year Green card app

K1 to Green Card

k1 to green card

The “K1 to Green Card” app acts as a guide for the process of getting permanent residence in the United States of America from the Fiance Visa (K1 Visa). This process starts with I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (green card).

This app provides guidance on the following:

– Evidence need for the I-485
– Requirements of the I-485
– What to expect during the process
– continuation of nonimmigrant K1
– Contacts to a community of other immigrants going through the process

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Form I-485 is for people in the United States to apply to U.S. Citizenship
and Immigration Services (USCIS) to adjust to permanent residence status or
register for permanent residence (also known as Green Card).

Although this app focuses on non immigrant K-1 Visa holders, in the process
of applying for permanent residence, it maybe helpful to other non-immigrants
adjusting their status.

I-485 may apply to an immigrant who has a visa number immediately available to you
based on an approved immigrant petition; or the immigrant is filing the application
with a completed relative petition, special immigrant juvenile petition, or
special immigrant military petition which if approved would make an immigrant visa
number immediately available.

For more information:


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USCIS i129f process app

fiance visa app

Hello!  This  is  me,  yuri,  from


Good News to all the couples out there who are going through the process of getting a US k1 visa.


We have created an APP:


  • That will guide you through your k-1 fiance visa.
  • It consolidates all the information that you need to get the process done.
  • It puts everything in one place.


We broke the process into 5 Steps you will need  and we added

  • Forms
  • Glossary    AND …..
  • Contacts



STEP 1 , Petition  has  all  the things the Petitioner (US citizen)  needs for the I-129F.


I – 129 f has a sample document  and description of the application  requirements.


If we go to the next step, we see a sample of the  ‘’proof of meeting’’.  These is a sample document that serves as  a guide for you on what you can submit.


If we go into the  ‘’Forms’’, here we see a sample of each as well as description.

So the first step of the fiance visa process is done by the petitioner. The petitioner is a US citizen requesting or petitioning for his/her foreign fiance to come to the United States.

How long it takes really depends on the petitioner becuse it is the petitioner who has to gather all the evidence to complete the I129f. Providing the evidence is what Step 1 is all about.


This App is compatible with Android and IOS phones (iphones and ipad).  Just go to GooglePlay or the App store and search for “fiance visa”. Or you can also go to this link from your phone to download the app.



So goodluck to all couples!!!. 🙂

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