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Filipinas want to Be White


maIn this episode we address the Filipino obsession with white skin.  White skin is not just considered beautiful, it is about the only way you want be considered beautiful.  Dark skin is considered ugly by most Filipinos.  There are some exceptions, but not many.


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Filipinas Expectations challenge of dating filipina 5

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Filipinas are expected to do everything. Many times they are the main breadwinner in the whole family. They have a burden that is huge! For this reason, they seek a man who has stability. Emotional, financial and mental stability over any other qualities. So more mature (usually older) guys are highly valued.

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Dating a filipinafilipina culturefilipina datingFilipino women

Challenge of Dating a Filipina

challenge of dating a filipina 1

There is a pretty popular post on Youtube called “Top 10 Reasons Why Not Marry a Filipino Woman” by Ian Patrick.  It is a very negative view of filipinas, basically calling all filipinas “gold diggers”.  Here are some of the reasons Ian mentioned:

  1.  You will be treated like an ATM
  2. You may love her but you love will not be reciprocated
  3. You will never experience peace or contentedness
  4. Your children will be exploited (treated as “rich foreign cousin”)
  5. They are two faced
  6. They are verbally abusive and violent
  7. They have a loyalty to their family never to you and your family
  8. They are not trustworthy
  9. Divorce is the likely outcome once they have a visa

We have been married since 2014 and Yuri now has a US Visa.  We are still very happily married.  Money has not been an issue.

Here is the video:

For us, the opposite of all these things are true!  Of course some guys have experienced these terrible things and would agree.  But why is that?

The reason is that some people are bad.  With filipina in particular there is a high probability of issues dealing with money and family because of the terrible issues with poverty in the Philippines.

We talk about the challenges of dating a filipina here:

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Culture and Traditionsfilipina cultureThe Philippines

TOP 5 Traditions of Philippine Culture

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The Philippines is rich in culture that prides itself with many exciting traditions.  These traditions bring friends and family closer together and bind the local community.  Every family in town has celebrations and festivals dedicated to the Patrons of the Roman Catholic, for example.  But that is not all that happens within the culture.

Here are the top 5 traditions of Philippine culture.

1. Feast –  each town celebrates feast as a dedication to the Patrons. A parade of patrons will be held a day before the event as well as other activities such as basketball league and singing contests or beauty pageants. Indicators of a town feast are the ‘banderitas’. It is hung up above the roads tied to light posts. People prepare months before the celebration. Feasts go on for two days. The most common food prepared during feast are Lechon baboy (roasted pig), pork humba and pancit. The pre-celebration is called ‘desperas’ and the actual day of celebration in Cebuano is called ‘fiesta’. It is a disappointment to not be able to prepare food for unexpected visitors even if they are not invited to your home formally. Urban areas are busier and has evolved over time and do not take feast so seriously. It is not mandatory to celebrate a feast. Expect to hear loud music until midnight during the days of the feast especially if you are near the town’s auditorium.

philippine culture
banderitas imageby


philippine culture
fiesta food

2. Dance Festivals provinces & certain cities have variety of festivals dedicated to the saints and patrons of the Roman Catholic church. For example, Cebu has Sinulog Festival & Bacolod has Mascara festival. The dance festival contestants perform street dances with beautiful ethnic, traditional or mix modern music and costumes.

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3. Birthday, wedding and other occasions are a big deal in the Philippines. Special occasions are expected to have food on the table. Usually, lots of friends, co-workers, family and even random friends of friends are invited.

4.  Singing stands as a big part of Philippine culture. Every time there are gathering in Provinces or suburban areas, there is always a videoke machine. Singing contest and videoke have become a part of almost every occasion and celebration.  Filipinos love to sing even though some are not gifted with a golden voice.

philippine culture
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5. Liquors –  Special events are expected to have drinks served for friends and guests.  Filipinos love drinking with or without a special occasion.

philippine culture


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Exotic Beautyfilipina culture


cebuanas Philippines
Cebuanas Philippines


Cebu is the Queen City of the South.  It is in the economic and physical center of the the Visayan islands.  Cebu became the first settlement of Spain in the Philippines (1521).  Spanish culture and genetics had 500 years to take root in the Queen City.  And today you can still see the influence in the in old relics and in the faces of the people. Many men how frequent the Philippines believe that the greatest assets of Cebu are the Cebuanas.

Cebu ladies are very mixed and you can definitely see some Latina features.  The beautiful Cebu girls have an exotic look that ranges from Spanish to Asian.  Best of all Cebu girls looking men are everywhere, so its not hard to find them.


These cebuanas beauties consist of models like ciana mae innis and Ellen Adarna.  Cebuanas with this kind of beauty usually end up as artists in the Philippines staring on GMA television shows or in films.  

Cebu Women Seeking Men

cebu women
Cebu women from foreign affair /

If you visit Cebu City, you will notice beautiful Cebuanas everywhere.  From young Cebu girls,mall rats to sophisticated Cebuana ladies rushing to work.  Many of them are Cebu women seeking men.  Cebu women go online, go out to clubs (Mango Street) at the malls or hanging out and meeting through acquaintances.  Most real relationships are forged by meeting local men.  So if you are IN Cebu City, you have a much better chance of finding Cebu Women or allowing a Cebu Woman to find you.


Cebuana dating

cebuana dating
pretty cebuana dating at a bar

In Cebu City, just like any major city, you can find just about anything you want.  You can find Cebuanas that see one-night stands as dating.  So you can find Cebuana women in the club for a “toot and boot” in and around Mango Ave.  You can “pay” for your Cebuana dating by getting a street girl or a bar girl.  You can find a friend for sex on craigs list filipinaheart or  Some Cebuanas call that dating.

But if you are dating to find something more serious, its not about where you find them its about spending quality time to get to know your Cebuana.

Cebuana Scammers

Although it is very common to  for Cebuana to date and marry foreigners, it is equally common to find Cebuana Scammers.

Professional scammers that make their living from foreigners giving money in romance scams, or dating a foreigners but keeping a local Cebuano in the house to serve.

The best way to find Cebuanas is online dating sites.  There are lots of filipina women seeking men.  Once you create a profile they will find you.  But again watchout for professional scammers.  You can count on 3 out of 5 women on filipina dating sites only wanting your money.  Do NOT get serious about a relationship until you have met her in person.  And DO NOT give money.  If she is asking money or saying I love you shortly after meetings.  D She is probably a Cebuana scammer and its best to keep looking.

Cebu City Girls

Cebu ladies
Cebu ladies behind the DJ booth in Cebu club in Mango

Another great way to find Cebu ladies to date is the club scene.  The filipina ladies dating scene is very hot in Cebu City.  Currently, in the Philippines ladies dating foreigners is very common.  In the clubs you will see mostly younger single filipina ladies out having a good time.  In Mango Square there are literally sexy filipino ladies everywhere.  The dance clubs, go-go bars and live music is all in Cebu Cities Mango street area.   Mango is where to party in Cebu.


cebu girls for hire
Cebu girl for hire, kimberly in Dumaguete

Cebu Girls for Hire

If you are into bar girls in Cebu, you can definitely find that in Mango.  A Cebu bar girl  is a girl who works in the club dancing and/or trying to get guys to buy alcohol.  In many cases the bar girls can be taken home by paying the cebu bar fine.  The drinks go for 100 – 200 pesos and the Cebu bar fine for the bar girl ranges from about 1,500 – 8000 pesos depending on what you want and how long you want her for.

Anthony + Janka cebu women for marriage
Anthony + Janka

Cebu women for marriage

If you are looking for filipino ladies for marriage, Mango Square is probably not the right place for you.  But honestly, maybe you Cebuana is there! When it comes to finding a filipina wife its not about the place, its about time.  You need time to figure out if she is the right one.  I would say Cebuanas require more showing and telling affection than other women.  They are very passionate and expect the same level of passion in return.

cebuanas beauties

Cebuanas review

I would like to give my very biased cebuanas review.  My personal favorite filipino girls are Cebuanas.  Not only because of the smooth, sexy latina features mixed with dainty asian physique.  But also for the passion.  Perhaps is all Visayan girls, but most of my experience is with Cebuanas.  Cebu City is not without its share of scammers and users.. that is FOR SURE LOL.  But when you meet a Cebuana who is good, she is GREAT.


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filipina cultureFilipina wife

Filipina Wives: Take it or leave it

filipino girlfriend and family

Regrets ?

Inlove? OR


filipino girlfriend
filipino girlfriend

Many foreigners have no end of complaints about their filipina wives sending money back home to the Philippines to support their whole family including filipino siblings who have not intention of seeking a job to feed their own kids.  The foreign spouse of the filipina sees the extended filipino in laws living off of one source of income.. his.

Parents rely on their daughters to send monthly support for the deadbeat’s food, utilities and medications.  The filipino mentality is that when one family member lucky enough to marry a foreigner, she is expected to support all of them like a charity foundation feeding homeless people.  It is actually worse than beggars since it becomes an obligation for that filipina living abroad to help without excuses because they are family.

I cannot say that it is part of filipino culture to feed the whole family because it is clearly not the foreigner husbands duty. They come to the Philippines to find love not to become an atm, a bank or a gold mine.  Filipinas should understand too that their husbands are not a money tree where all the leaves can keep falling.  It doesn’t work like that! The money is not limitless. These guys work their ass off to save and come to the Philippines to find a good wife.  Yes, they do not mind providing because it is part of the marriage to take care of the wife but not to care for the entire extended family.

But there is one thing that a foreigner should know. Part of the culture in the Philippines is to take care of our parents. We believe that we owe them our lives, for raising us specially the good parents who are always there with full support for their daughters.  Part of loving our parents is for being there for them when they need help.  That includes money and caring for them when they get older. We have one or two home for the elderly in the Philippines that only rich people can afford so we are obliged to take care of them. Philippines is a developing country with a third-world options and services.

A foreigner should familiarize themselves with the culture before thinking of marrying a filipina. If this is acceptable then you can proceed to date one, but if not, you should not get yourself into a situation where you feel you have too much responsibilities.  Your choice is to take it or leave it!


Yuri Sincero
Yuri Sincero

My name is Yuri Sincero I am a part-time writer and full-time marketing student at Cebu Institute of Technology. My passion is cooking & singing, but have been getting into blogs and Search Engine Optimization. I am in Cebu city, but will be moving to the US soon. Follow me on Google+ and Facebook.

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