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marry a filipina with these qualities (welationship ep 8)(Yuri in the Philippines 13)


What are the qualities you should look for if you are looking to marry a filipina? If you are looking for a long term relationship, then there are a few things you must have with a filipino.



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I Got Scammed on Dating Sites

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by: Bruce Brown

If you have ever been scammed on a dating site then you are not alone.  Although I am happily married now for 2 years to my best friend and soul mate who I met on a dating site, I did not always have such great luck.  Back in 2009, I was a single father with two kids on dating sites looking for love and companionship.

I was scammed multiple times and I lost a lot of money in those romance scams.  Girls who pretend to be with you but turn out to be fake.  I was so good and supportive to these scammers that they would usually admit to me that it was a scam, but they were ready to make it real.  Of course, after realizing I had been lied to me, I was reluctant to talk to them anymore let alone be a boyfriend.

Looking back I can see that I made very, very bad decisions because I felt alone and I was trying to rush to find something new.  It is better to just take your time.  Take time to really get to know each person you talk to.  DO NOT send money.  If someone is asking for money on a dating site, you should be suspicious.  This should be obvious, but if your emotions are involved your judgement gets cloudy.

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Relationship BEFORE fiance and marriage

before you get engaged

Most of the couples we talk to are doing ok, but some are really not doing well. We noticed that most of the unsuccessful relationships have one thing in common. They did not date very long. And some did not even know each other long.

That is not to say that a marriage or engagement cannot work if the couple did not know each other long, its just that most people seem to have a really hard time adjusting when they just jump into a marriage.


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Top 3 things not to do on an online dating site

3 things NOT to do on dating sites

We met on a dating site!  We are very much in love so for us it was a huge success.  We had to spend a LOT of time on more than one dating site.  Between the two of us we probably use about 20 different dating sites and met 100’s of people to find the right person.  We have learned a LOT about what not to do on dating sites.  Here are the top three things not to do:

  1. Do not send money – If someone you meet is asking for money after meeting on a dating site there is a very, very good chance that it is a scam.  ESPECIALLY, if they are from a developing country.  DO NOT send money to someone you just met on a dating site.  It sounds obvious, but the thing is these people are pretty slick.  They earn your trust and sympathy and then they ask for you help as a “friend”.  This is a dating site not a charity.  How can they afford the cost of electricity, computer, Internet and/or internet cafe but have to ask you for money?
  2. Do not get serious until you meet in person – There are exceptions to this rule.  We know people who have been in a relationship for years and not actually met in person yet.  But most people need to meet.  There is a certain chemistry that you need if you are planning on spending your life with someone.  There are many small things that you won’t notice until you meet in person.  And some people are completely different in person than they are online.
  3. Do not believe photos. Request video chat – Do not be fooled by pictures!  It is just too easy to fake.  A common practice is to use glamour shots of another person and upload them all on the profile.  You MUST see them on video chat, live in real time.  Not a recording but a live, real-time video chat.  So you know they are who they say they are.  If they make excuses as to why they cannot meet you, then something is up.

There are a lot of scammers making a living from romance scams.  This is has become such a popular thing to do that it even has a name, “catfishing” it is where you  lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.  Do not fall for this.

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Filipinas Expectations challenge of dating filipina 5

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Filipinas are expected to do everything. Many times they are the main breadwinner in the whole family. They have a burden that is huge! For this reason, they seek a man who has stability. Emotional, financial and mental stability over any other qualities. So more mature (usually older) guys are highly valued.

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Dating Filipina Bar Girls challenge of dating filipina 2

Dating Filipina Bar Girls challenge of dating filipina 2

Thumbnail courtesy of: subic bay bar girls

Why do guys automatically think they can convert a bar girl? Are all bar girls bad? Why do bar girls have a bad reputation? Does that reputation affect all filipinas?

The opinions expressed in this video do not reflect ALL filipinas who used to be bar girls. This is based on the limited experiences of Yuri and Bruce and is only one possible aspect of women who used to work in bars.

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Challenge of Dating a Filipina

challenge of dating a filipina 1

There is a pretty popular post on Youtube called “Top 10 Reasons Why Not Marry a Filipino Woman” by Ian Patrick.  It is a very negative view of filipinas, basically calling all filipinas “gold diggers”.  Here are some of the reasons Ian mentioned:

  1.  You will be treated like an ATM
  2. You may love her but you love will not be reciprocated
  3. You will never experience peace or contentedness
  4. Your children will be exploited (treated as “rich foreign cousin”)
  5. They are two faced
  6. They are verbally abusive and violent
  7. They have a loyalty to their family never to you and your family
  8. They are not trustworthy
  9. Divorce is the likely outcome once they have a visa

We have been married since 2014 and Yuri now has a US Visa.  We are still very happily married.  Money has not been an issue.

Here is the video:

For us, the opposite of all these things are true!  Of course some guys have experienced these terrible things and would agree.  But why is that?

The reason is that some people are bad.  With filipina in particular there is a high probability of issues dealing with money and family because of the terrible issues with poverty in the Philippines.

We talk about the challenges of dating a filipina here:

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