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marry a filipina with these qualities (welationship ep 8)(Yuri in the Philippines 13)


What are the qualities you should look for if you are looking to marry a filipina? If you are looking for a long term relationship, then there are a few things you must have with a filipino.



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Survival Mentality in the Philippines (VLOG39)(Yuri in the Philippines 11)


#Yuribruce & #purpleshadow discuss the Survival Mentality in the Philippines. Living in a developing country can be very hard. As a result of living in very rough conditions some people use there heart and mind to overcome and some people use other people to get by.

When you are actually living in those conditions, it is really hard to do the right thing all the time. But those who do, tend to be remarkable people with greats hearts and creative minds up to any challenge.

#yuritv and #purpleshadow explain why. If you marry a filipina or anyone else from a developing country, you should know this.

#philippines,#developingcountry,#success, #marryafilipina,

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When you marry a filipina, you marry the entire family

when you marry a filipina you marry the family

They say when you marry a filipina, you marry the whole family. After being married to one for 2 years now, I would say there is some truth to it. But I do understand it. Many westerners who marry filipinas either complain or vow never to support a filipinas family. It can become an issue if you don’t talk about it.

If you are familiar with Filipino culture and how strong the family ties are, then you should understand who important it is to be open to helping. If you understand the absolute poverty exits in most parts of the Philippines, you would think there would be some empathy from westerners. The combination of strong family and rampant poverty in the Philippines makes it almost inevitable that there be a need for help.

If a western husband decides that he will not help his wife’s family no matter what, this becomes a “red flag” to the filipina. If the roles were reversed and something bad happened to the westerner’s family and the filipina did not care, what would this mean to the relationship. There is double standard for some westerners.

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Marriage tips


Marriage tips

Marriage it self in the US is just a signed piece of paper.  But if you want something more (love in marriage, longevity, a life partner, a soul mate) then that is MUCH, MUCH more than a piece of paper.  It takes more than love.

courtesy of
courtesy of

Communication.  Listen to your partner.  Not just their words but their actions.  Pay attention to their needs.  Pay attention to their emotions.  Communication is a two way street.  They must also listen to you in the same way.  If only one person listens then how long will the relationship last?

Serve your Partner.  Put him or her first.  If they are your life, then make sure they know it with your actions.

Loyalty.  You are on the same team.  Work for the team.  If your intent is to work on another team, you should have enough guts to at least admit it to yourself and eventually gather the courage to admit to your partner that things are not working.  Loyalty is important.

Intimacy.  Intimacy is based on trust, loyalty, communication and love.  Life can be pretty lonely and intimacy is the closest thing we have to solving this.  Intimacy makes your partner more valuable than physical beauty, money, or talent alone.  Intimacy is why some famous stars have best friends that are not famous, who have no talent and have average beauty.  We are intimate with the few people we

Trust.  You must learn to trust your partner.  If you cannot learn to trust them, then it is best to move on.  Trust is the foundation of the relationship.  For very deep intimacy, trust is needed.  Loyalty, communication, love, and everything else is based on trust.  If you don’t trust your partner, you won’t talk to them about how you feel.  If you don’t trust your partner you won’t believe they can be loyal.  If you don’t think they can be loyal, why will you be loyal to them.


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Top 7 questions of filipinas marrying foreign national


Top 7 questions of filipinas marrying foreign national

I know that people have plenty of sizzling questions regarding Filipinas marrying foreign nationals. There are many factors that Filipinas do not really care about in terms of marriage and relationships.

What I have found is that cultures differ drastically on each issue.  Some issues that really matter to foreigners may not matter much to Filipinos (and vice versa).  For example, to most American women under age 25, marrying a guy over 40 is a HUGE issue, but for filipinas what matters more is the guys background and stability not his age.

We have received a lot of questions about foreigners marrying Filipinas.  This post is a collection of those questions and their answers.
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Does age matter to filipinas? People say Filipinas marry guys of all ages.  Yes! that is true. Why?  Filipinas do not really make it an issue to marry a guy who is twice her age. Filipinas typically date a guy not for his age but for the potential of being with a man who can be a provider.  Generally, for a woman to give stability in her home, she needs a stable partner.  It may sound simple but this is a missing element in the Philippines.  A huge portion of men in the Philippines cannot (or will not) provide for their family.  That is the main reason why Filipinas started marrying foreigners.

Are Filipinas gold diggers? marrying-a-foreign-nationalJust like any other nationality, there are are some bad apples.  Some foreigners have a bad perception of Filipinas because negative actions of a few. Decades ago, when Americans came to the Philippines they were meeting bar girls.  Many bar girls are gold diggers.  So getting married is more of a business transaction and love has nothing to do with it.


marrying-a-foreign-nationalHow can you tell if your Filipina is real? There are a few ways that you can tell if your Filipina is real.  For one thing, if she does not ask for money immediately upon meeting you! Lol I think this should be obvious.  This happens a LOT online due the unbelievable number of scammers.   Second, you know she is real if she makes her self available anytime you call, message, or email.  If your Filipina does not disappear for a day or two without contact that means it is real. Third, if your Filipina always asks “did you eat?” or “What did you eat?” I know it sounds strange, but in the Philippines it shows that someone really cares about you.  Filipinas who loves their partners will seldom miss that question every single day.

dollar to peso exchange rateIs providing money to your Filipina part of the culture?  No it is not. However, if your Filipina is very poor in the Philippines, then yes it may be necessary to provide for her so she won’t starve to death.  Unfortunately, poverty is rampant due to over population, corruption and calamities.  You can only understand the level of poverty if you have been there.

Do Filipinas like black guys? No. I am sorry to tell you this but they just don’t like dating black guys. They are not turned on by black guys.  Many would prefer white guys. It is just their preference of a guy.  It is not that Filipinas are racist.  Mainly the reason for this is many Filipinas are brown skin and they want to have lighter skin.  So they love to see people with white skin as it is rare.  In the Philippines, when a person has lighter skin, it is cool and it means they are from upper class since it used to be that laborers are always exposed to the sun.  It used to be an indicator that you are from the lower class.  BUT there is a few who are insanely into black guys exclusively.  So there are a few who date black guys and love black people’s skin color and appearance.  It’s funny that black music and style is popular in the Philippines but filipinas prefer their guys to be as white as possible.  It is like that in most of South East Asia.  We talk more about this here.

marrying-a-foreign-national”When you marry a Filipina, You marry her family too ”.  In many lower income families, “when you marry a filipina, you marry her family” becomes the truth.  This is bad because the family will expect the guy to help them out too which can jeopardize the relationship and give an extremely bad impression of the bride.  What complicates things is that family is a HUGE part of filipino culture.  Many fathers expect more from their daughters than their sons so when they get married their fathers are involved.  Which means that if the father won’t like the suitor then their is no future for that love affair.  And if they don’t like the groom a wedding might get canceled or dads won’t give their blessing to their daughters. For filipinas, it is very important because we respect our parents very much. We believe that a permission and blessing from parents will bring us luck and guidance in getting married.

marrying-a-foreign-nationalLast but not the least, ”FIlipinas marry all kinds of races”.  It is true.  Color of skin preferences aside, Filipino people are very open to other races and nationalities.  Unlike some other countries there is not huge underlying racist tones in the culture so you find a lot of racially mixed people overwhelmingly accepted in the Philippines.  If you look at the history of the the Philippines, it is clear how it became so mixed. You will see variations of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Americans, Greeks, Europeans and more. Filipino are curious about  other cultures.

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filipina bride

filipino mail order brides

filipina bride

Filipino mail order brides

Many women from the Philippines are looking for more stability and supportive spouses that they may not have found locally.  They are not looking for a date or a handout, they are looking for a husband.  They mean business and want to get to the point.  Filipino mail order brides get registered into a catalogue or online database hoping that a foreign man will choose her.


What are filipino mail order brides?

This is a filipina who lists herself in a catalog or online database specifically to be selected by a man for marriage.  The “mail order” part of filipino mail order bride is a bit on an old term.  Because its not necessarily done by snail mail anymore.  But before the Internet, many men from developed countries would literally look in a catalog with pictures and descriptions of women (many from Europe and later from Southeast Asia) to find a wife.

amerapparelhalloweenThere are not only filipino mail order brides.  Many of these mail order brides would be from developing countries within Europe, Latin America and all over Southeast Asia.  So these women were hoping for a better life and the men were looking for a good wife.  It seemed to be a win-win situation.  Now that it is easier to do this service mostly online the term “mail-order” is really outdated.  Now there are even “mail order husbands”.  Times have changed.

Is a filipino mail order bride site like a dating site?

Its not a dating site, where members bounce from one to another like a night club.  There is a big difference, filipino mail order brides are ready to get married not mess around with guys that may only be interested in vulgar cam shows, or brief sex tourism one night stands.  They are filipino women looking to get a husband.

Why filipinas become mail order brides?

They have their own reasons.  Some are very traditional, don’t want to date and seek real love and marriage with a foreign man.  Some are looking to change their condition with a foreign visa.  Each filipino mail order bride has her own reasons.

filipina bride

Abuse of filipino mail order brides?  

Due to the rushed nature of the “mail order bride” arrangement, there has not been much consideration of whether or not the man getting the bride is actually who he says he is and what his intentions are.  The filipina bride goes under the care of her new husband only to find herself in the hands of a man with a mental illness or evil tyrant.

Some filipina mail order brides have been abused and/or killed.  Like the case of the murderer Timothy C. Blackwell taking the life of filipino mail order bride, Susana Remerata.  They married after two day of correspondence.  The were together two weeks in the US only weeks with things fell apart and she wanted a divorce.  Timothy shot Susana in the court room.

Staff from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office’s Domestic Violence Unit with Prosecutor Satterberg at API/Chaya candlelight vigil for DV victims April 18, 2013 (Photo King County)

Some men from developing countries marry the women in order to exploit.  Because of these cases, the Philippine government prohibits the business of organizing or facilitating marriages between Filipinas and foreign men. This was enacted by the Philippine congress with the Republic Act 6955 (the Anti-Mail-Order Bride Law) on June 13, 1990.


The conclusion of filipina mail order brides

Pinay brides remain among the most popular foreign mail order brides second only to Russian brides.  And despite the bad cases that pushed the Anti-Mail-Order Bride Law its still booming.  Filipinas still actively sign up for mail order bride services based in other countries. They can also use the Mail Order Husband service to get around the law.  Other countries and states have also started laws to protect the rights of filipino mail order brides.  President George Bush signed the “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005”  H.R. 3402: Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005.  Over all I have a positive view of the mail order bride process and I would not call it “buying a wife”.  But since organizations charge so much to process all the papers between the hopeful couples I would recommend just purchasing a membership on a dating site and taking more time to figure out who will be a good filipina wife.



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Dating a filipinaExotic Beautyfilipina bride

philippines girls

philippines girls

Have you ever seen a part Spanish and part asian woman?  For an exotic and sexy looking woman look no further than Philippine’s girls!  Girls of the Philippines, lovingly called filipinas, come in all shades of skins from chocolate to vanilla.  Most filipinas are a light caramel latin flavor.  Although some of Philippines girls can be tall, most are very petite standing an average of 151.8 cm (4′ 11.8″), very short compared to other countries.

philippines girls
philippines girls

Philippine Girls Clubs

If you want to sample Philippine girls the best place to look is Manila, Cebu and Angeles City where you will find 100s of Philippine girls clubs.  These clubs range from average gentlemen’s clubs where women are just dressed in sexy bikinis, spend time with you for an expensive drink to fully nude clubs where anything goes for the right amount of cash.  Cash is definitely kind in the Philippines.  The filipinas that work in these clubs range from 18-27 and petite.  Most of the ladies there just need a job and so you will notice they are not very

philippine girls club
Philippine girls club

good at dancing, flirting or even being sexy.  Unlike developed country girls clubs, gentlemen’s clubs and strip clubs where the ladies are usually very good and make lots and lots of money, Philippine girls clubs might have a few girls that are masters of shaking their little ass, flirting and getting in a man’s head.  Most of the filipinas in the clubs are young and seems to have no idea what they are doing and look like they would rather be working in Jollibee.

Philippines Girls, Good Brides

Although the Philippine’s girls have beauty that is second to none, it is nothing compared to their strong traditional upbringing.  Since they are usually brought up in a Catholic home, they are taught to care for their man from a young age, a tradition that is getting rare in western civilization.  For this reason many men desire a filipina wife.

Philippine’s girls are brought up in a harsh, often impoverished environments.  This has made them extremely strong and resourceful.  They are able to not only survive but thrive in other counties with other partners.  They are from a developing country so their expectation of comfort and convenience is much different from people of so-called “developed” countries.  They don’t complain as much and are usually humble.

Amazing Skills & Developed Talents

One of the most amazing things about Philippine’s girls is that they are polyglots.  They know at least two language and have an UNCANNY ability to quickly absorb new languages very quickly.  This might be because they are taught multiple languages in primary school.  They are taught tagalog, their local language if they are from province that does not speak tagalog and they are taught to speak fluent English.  Another skill that seems instinctive is singing.  MANY filipino girls know how to sing well because karaoke is favorite pastime of young & old people so they practice at a young age and just get better and better.  Dancing also seems very natural to the Philippine’s girls.  Unlike most places in asia, you won’t go to many clubs where people cannot dance.  EVERYONE has rhythm even if they cannot dance.

Without a doubt the greatest treasure in the Philippines is its girls.  Its no wonder men come from all over the world to experience a culture that created the most amazing gem of south east asia.

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filipina brideFilipina wife

filipina wife


Men from all over the world are looking for a filipina wife for their willingness to serve and care for a good man and their legendary passion and skill in bed.  Many men even turn the expensive filipino mail order bride service to get what they want.

In my experience not all filipina’s are “wife material”.  Not all are made to be with only one man or should be.  Some filipinas are VERY bad, and some are incredibly good!

How do I know she is the one?

How do you know if your filipina will be a good wife.  Unfortunately, it takes time to observe behavior and intent.  If you look at past behavior, its a good indication of what you may have to deal with.  Behavior is hard to change so usually people don’t change.  So you must take time to get to know your filipina before you make her your wife.  Pay close attention to her intentions not only her actions.

filipina wife
filipina wife

The best spouse I have ever seen was a filipina wife and the worst wife I have ever seen was a filipina wife.

The Best Filipina Wife

My bosses wife was the smartest, most humble and supportive wife I have ever met.  She was a filipina teacher from Angeles City.  Although he had a high stress job as a military police officer working 12-16 hours a day, he never faltered or faded in his work.  While the rest of us fell to the pressures of the job, Sam remained the best cop until the day he retired.  I did not know how he did it until I met he filipina wife.  Although he had it hard at work, he NEVER had it hard at home.  She made sure he was well fed with great food.  She took care of all needs at home.  Their kids never had to worry and neither did he because she made her life her husband and her family.

filipina wife
beautiful filipina

The Worst Filipina Wife

The worst wife I have ever seen happened to be a filipina wife.  Anytime my co-worker worked late his wife was out meeting guys.  She had a filipino guy on the side back in the Philippines and would make sure he got part of the money of her foreign husband.  He said she had been with many men when he had met her.  And I think he thought maybe he could change her.  He really thought wrong.  Once she got to the USA she cheated on him many times and they ended up divorcing after she became a citizen.  Unfortunately, there are many cases like this one and it has really given the good filipinas a bad name.

Over all men still want a filipino wife bad enough to even do filipino mail order bride services.  As far as the quality of women, it really depends on the quality of the individuals involved.

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