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marry a filipina with these qualities (welationship ep 8)(Yuri in the Philippines 13)


What are the qualities you should look for if you are looking to marry a filipina? If you are looking for a long term relationship, then there are a few things you must have with a filipino.



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Survival Mentality in the Philippines (VLOG39)(Yuri in the Philippines 11)


#Yuribruce & #purpleshadow discuss the Survival Mentality in the Philippines. Living in a developing country can be very hard. As a result of living in very rough conditions some people use there heart and mind to overcome and some people use other people to get by.

When you are actually living in those conditions, it is really hard to do the right thing all the time. But those who do, tend to be remarkable people with greats hearts and creative minds up to any challenge.

#yuritv and #purpleshadow explain why. If you marry a filipina or anyone else from a developing country, you should know this.

#philippines,#developingcountry,#success, #marryafilipina,

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Cost of Living in the PhilippinesFilipino womenLifestyleMarrying a filipinaThe PhilippinesVLOG

Traveling to the Philippines Day 1 (Yuri in Philippines 2)

travel to the philippines day 1

Yuri travels from Denver to Seattle to Taipei to Cebu.  On her first day she has to shop for basic needs to stay for one month with her sister Purple Shadow and nephew Jay.

It is a sad when she leaves her husband but exciting for her to see her family who she has been apart from for 2 years.

This is Yuri’s first day back in the Philippines.

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Culture of Philippines Visiting Home (VLOG26)

no thumb

When visiting family in the Philippines it is part of the tradition to bring back gifts. The culture of the Philippines is focused on family. This is hard for some people from the west to understand, but the more you can grasp this, the more you will understand Filipino culture. It can be a challenge because it can be expensive.

Yuri talks about how it is a little different in the Philippines from 2 years ago. It is a little more expensive. She sent a balikbayan box but its not there yet.

Yuri went back to her sisters house and has been staying busy spending time with family while doing videos.

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Domestic Violence on K1 visa – Why You Should NOT Abuse Your Spouse

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Unfortunately, we still get messages from abused spouses who have immigrated here expecting a better life.

As an American, I find this very shameful. It is a shame that some American men are so arrogant that they feel they have they can take someone else’s rights to life, liberty and happiness.

It blows my mind the someone would spend 1000s of dollars to sponsor a foreign spouse/fiance here just to risk being charged with a crime or put in jail.

We hope that this will give some insight to couples out there on why abuse is a bad idea. We want foreign spouses to know their rights and US petitioners to know that they could lose a lot from doing this.


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Healthy Relationship: Yuri getting a Job – Welationship (ep1)

health relationship getting job welationship

Bruce is an aspiring entrepreneur, but Yuri wants the provincial life. Her dream is to be an employee and work 9-5. She is really not into Youtube or making money online its just not her thing. Finally, Bruce has learned to accept it. She will finally be able to accomplish her dream since Bruce has stop pushing his crazy dreams on Yuri.

Congratulations Yuri on your new job!

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Is She a Filipina scammer if I met her family


Our friend Maclobio asked us:
“can you please make a video about how to find out if my Filipina fiance is a scammer, what clues can you give me about how she would act if she is scamming me. will she introduce me to her family if she knows that she is scamming me?”

If your wife is taking you to meet her family then it is more than likely the real deal. Romance scammers are always trying to hide their true intent. If she is taking you to meet the family then she is actually wanting to make sure her family is ok with you.

The relationship is about to go to the next level if you allow it. One thing we would have you watch out for is families that are aggressive about asking for money. In these cases you should talk to your partner about what is acceptable.

Not all Filipino relatives we do this kind of thing, but we just want you to know it does happen. Communication is important.


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When you marry a filipina, you marry the entire family

when you marry a filipina you marry the family

They say when you marry a filipina, you marry the whole family. After being married to one for 2 years now, I would say there is some truth to it. But I do understand it. Many westerners who marry filipinas either complain or vow never to support a filipinas family. It can become an issue if you don’t talk about it.

If you are familiar with Filipino culture and how strong the family ties are, then you should understand who important it is to be open to helping. If you understand the absolute poverty exits in most parts of the Philippines, you would think there would be some empathy from westerners. The combination of strong family and rampant poverty in the Philippines makes it almost inevitable that there be a need for help.

If a western husband decides that he will not help his wife’s family no matter what, this becomes a “red flag” to the filipina. If the roles were reversed and something bad happened to the westerner’s family and the filipina did not care, what would this mean to the relationship. There is double standard for some westerners.

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Dating a filipinaFilipino womenMarrying a filipina

How we met – Our love story

marrying a filipina how we met

People keep asking us to tell the story of how we met. Here it is. It is really not what you would expect and it is not like any story we have ever heard of. It is tragic and triumphant.

To our friends and subscribers here in youtube,
Take this story as an inspiration to work hard to make your relationship successful. Marriage is not easy. It is a continuous work. I wish you the best in your relationship. Never give up when the person has potential. Love is risky but it can be worth it.

Special thanks to:
Our sister Cecile Sincero
RIP to Yuri’s mom. God Bless you and thank you for bringing Yuri into this world. We know you are in a better place and hope the best in the next part of your journey.

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