K-1 visa process

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fiance visa forms

k-1 visa process
K-1-fiance visa forms
K-1-fiance visa forms

Here is a break down of the requirements for fiancee visa you will need to complete.  This is an addendum to the post we have already done about the k-1 fiancee visa process.

The BEST resource for the entire fiancee visa process is VisaJourney.

Checklist of Forms Needed to File for a K-1 Visa:

This document was derived from content provided on USCIS.gov & VisaJourney.  Visa Journey is the most comprehensive guide to the K-1 Visa process found online.  All we did was put their content in a checklist form, add some examples and put it on a blog.  The two main forms that you need to do are the i129 and g325a.  These two US visa forms require supporting documents and that is where the work comes in.  Feel free to print this checklist to help you complete your fiancee visa forms.  *please note we are not lawyers or visa, immigration experts, we are just showing you what WE did.

i129 Requirements for Fiance Visa (DOWNLOAD K-1 Visa Checklist)


Payment to the  “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”  by check or money order. Paying USCIS Immigration Fees.
Cover Letter(see example). Should include a description of what your are petitioning for (I-129F), a table of contents (list everything in the packet). If you need additional room to explain your case, attach a separate sheet (list the attachment on the cover sheet). Make sure to sign and date the cover sheet.
Form I-129F: Petition for Alien Fiance(e) (see example)
Declaration of how you met in person in the last two years. This should be a single typed page attachment regarding question ’34.a’ of the I-129F. Make sure to sign and date it. See sample here.
Intention to marry (from both the US Citizen and foreign fiance) certifying an intent to marry within 90 days of entering the US on a valid K-1. (see example)
Proof of having met in past two years. (click here for examples)
G325A Is now merge with i129f. Do not fill out a separate G325a form. 
One passport-type photo (see specification) of the US Citizen. Write the full name of the US citizen on the back. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag “Photo of <Insert US Citizen’s Name>“. Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding G-325a.
G-325A filled out by the foreign fiance(e) with their information, signed and dated (see example).
One passport-type photo (see specification) of the foreign fiance(e). Write the full name of the foreign fiance(e) on the back. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag “Photo of (insert foreign fiance(e) name)“. Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding G-325a.
Photocopy of the Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a copy of ALL pages of the US Citizen’s passport issued with a validity of at least 5 years or a copy of the US Citizen’s naturalization certificate (front and back). This is used to establish citizenship. See sample here.
Photocopy of Certificate of No Marriage (optional – some countries) see sample
Photocopy of final Divorce Decree(s) or Certificate(s) for the US Citizen and/or foreign fiance(e) if either has been previously married. If the previous marriage of the US Citizen and/or foreign fiance(e) ended due to the death of their spouse then include a Copy of Death Certificate(s) documenting that fact. Sample here.
Proof of Legal Name Change if either the US Citizenand/or foreign fiance(e) is using a name other than that shown on the relevant documents. You must give USCIS copies of the legal documents that made the change, such as a marriage certificate, adoption decree or court order. Sample here
In regards to Section C Question 2, if applicable provide certified copies of all court and police records showing the charges and dispositions for any specified conviction(s) (in accordance with the IMBRA). See section 9 of the I-129f instructions for more information.

Proof of Having Met in Person in the Past Two Years and an Ongoing Relationship:

Use as many of these items are possible. There is no minimum, but the more you can provide the less likely you are that you will receive an request for evidence. Additionally, please note that providing proof of your ongoing and genuine relationship in this package may benefit you by allowing the consulate to have access to this information prior to them formally contacting the non US Citizen fiance. Many high risk consulates approach cases with a skeptical eye and providing this information early on in the original I-129F package will help them in their preliminary review of your case.

Copies of all airline boarding passes, train passes, itineraries, hotel receipts, passport stamps (make sure you can read the dates on the stamps), and other documentary evidence that you have met within the last two years. You may want to highlight or place post-it notes indicating the dates and locations on the copies (to make the adjudication easier) for the person reviewing your file. sample
Color Photos of you and your fiance(e) together. Make sure you write your names, date, and location on the back of every photo. Provide two to five photo’s. If you only have a single copy of the photo, then make a color copy and send that. If it is a digital photo, have it printed at a local photo store such as Walgreens (if at all possible) or if not on a high quality printer. Place photo’s in a plastic bag or photo sheet and label the sheet. Note that you may not receive originals of photo’s back. Sample
The following items will not typically show proof of having met in the last two years however will show proof of an ongoing relationship: Copies of land line and cell phone bills, appropriate letters and emails, stamps on the letters (to document the date they were sent), and other written documentary proof. Provide a reasonable amount; two to four of each type. Pick a range of dates up to and including the present. You can also include a copy of engagement ring receipt (this is something that is a big optional – do not worry if you do not have a ring yet!)


Attach “E-Notification” Form (Optional)


Clip a completed G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, to the first page of your application (on top of the cover page). By completing this form and attaching it, USCIS will send you an email and/or text message to alert you when your application was received.


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K-1 Part IK-1 visa processStep 1

k-1 visa process: I-129f


My fiance(e) and I have started the K-1 visa process, for a US fiance(e) Visa.  With the amount of K1 visa forms and requirements for US fiance(e) visa, we highly recommend that you make sure its worth it.  Because otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money if you are not serious about your relationship.

Is Your K-1 Visa Worth Getting

Only you and your partner know for sure.  From our personal experience, the best way to be sure that your relationship is ready for the next level of commitment is to spend time with each other.

For us, its worth it.  We met a little over two years prior to getting engaged and quickly became close friends.  Overtime, our friendship developed into a much deeper relationship based on trust, loyalty and complete dedication to a mutual dream of what we want our lives to be.  Trust, loyalty and dedication are just a few of the main ingredients.  Love itself is NOT enough.  There is work involved in building a solid, long-term relationship and its not always easy, but the work you put into your each other is always worth it if you both really want to grow together.

Although have been far apart, we found ways to be together.  We made time to communicate as much as possible.  We continue to invent ways to serve each others needs, wants and desires better.  This journey has been one of self-realization and new levels of happiness that we did not know existed.

We both want the visa because we feel its too hard to live apart.  For our situation, we found that the most appropriate visa is the K-1 visa process.

How to Get a Fiance Visa

k-1 visa process package
k-1 visa process package

The first step of getting a fiance visa is to complete the i129f, fiance visa application (aka petition for Alien fiancee).  The i129f cost $340USD (Make the check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”).

One thing that we did not realize when we started was that the i129f application needs supporting documents.  A LOT of supporting documents.  To get real professional, you should even provide a Cover letter.  The cover letter is just a summary of the package that provides the i129f supporting documents.

We created a fiancee visa checklist to help us out.  We have made it publicly available here.  The fiancee visa checklist covers the items listed below.

Requirements for fiancee visa:

Direct Filing Address for i129 Fiance Application


P.O. Box 660151

Dallas, TX 75266


For USPS Express Mail and courier deliveries:


Attn: I-129F

2501 South State Highway 121 Business

Suite 400

Lewisville, TX 75067

reference: http://www.uscis.gov/i-129f-addresses


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