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I admitted drug use at St Lukes Medical Exam for US Visa Interview

Admitting Drug use in medical exam for US visa leaf

I admitted drug use at my St. Luke’s Medical Exam.  There was not reason for me to do this since I was not arrested and I am not addicted to drugs.  I just felt at the time that it was best to tell the truth.

If I could go back, I would NOT admit to the drug use.  When I admitted it, they had me go to ANOTHER medical exam which cost another fee.  I was also questioned AGAIN about it when I got to the US and did the USCIS green card interview.  All of this could have been avoided if I had NOT admitted to it.

I was still approved but not it is in my record.

If there you have never been arrested or gone jail for drugs, there is just not reason to admit it.  It seems like the medical exam and USCIS want to make sure that you are not addicted to or selling drugs.


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Fiance Visa Approved Ruvis Visa Timeline

ruvis visa approved fiance

Help us to congratulate a member of our Facebook group, Ruvis, who just got her K1 Fiance Visa Approved!  We hope you and your family will enjoy the next stage of your lives.

I just want to share my visa timeline to all k1 applicants to give hope and encouragement for everyone who are still waiting for their visa.
NOVEMBER 13 packet sent
NOVEMBER 17 USCIS rcvd pcket
So we requested police clearance from hongkong by the help of my friend from hongkong.
I follow up my police hk via email FEB.25 and they emailed me back that it was already issued the reply to USEM last FEB.23 , So i decided to undergo medical and set my interview appointment on march 8,2016 knowing that im all set and ready for interview.
I know i was approved but I’m under 221g with REVERIFICATION of my CENOMAR and HONGKONG POLICE which embassy hav’nt receive it yet.
I was so upset and stressful , by that day I went to NSO Pasay City to request for REVERIFICATION OF CENOMAR , my friend from HK follow up my HKPC..
After 7 days my case updated to READY STATUS

In God’s perfect time, we need lots of patience in this journey. Don’t get tired of praying that God will help us in this process!
Special thanks to my loving fiance who never got tired of loving and encouraging me and of course to all my true sissy here who never got tired of answering my queries. May God bless us all!
Hun this is it…see you soon my love

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Fiance Visa Approved Timeline kenneline

fiance visa timeline of kenneline

Congratulations to Kenneline on her Fiance Visa approval!

Here is was she shared with us:

Kenneline Marie Dagangan feeling blessed.

Yesterday at 12:32am

Sharing you my visa journey… 💕

Dec 16 2015 Sent packet

Dec 17 2015 noa1 online status

Dec 23 2015 noa1 txt and email

Feb 5 2016 noa2 online status

Feb 10 2016 noa2 hardcopy

Feb 23 2016 MCN

Feb 29 Case Ready

Mar 1 day 1 medical

Mar 2 day 2 medical

Mar 4 US Embassy Interview…

*Note: I finished the whole process inside in less than 30minutes coz they prioritized me for being pregnant. (Naunahan ko pa yung ibang 6:30 hehehe)

I arrived at Usem around 6:30am, and waited there until pwede na papasukin. My interview was scheduled 7:30 (don’t worry kahit maaga kayo, may mga seats naman bayad 30 nga lang hehehe). At grey tent, they will ask your passport, appointment confirmation and ds160. Pagpasok, xray kayo at dala niyong gamit (tips: make sure wala kayong dalang kahit anong electronic accessories and gadgets. if wala kayong kasama sa labas na maghihintay, tiyak tapon ang ending like sa nangyari ng powerbank ko. RIP sa powerbank). Then proceed to windows 1 or 2 for your priority number.

Interview with American lady consul:

*Good morning! -Good morning.

*What is your petitioner’s name?

-F’s Full name.

*Have you been to any other countries?

-No. Never been abroad.

*How did you and your fiance met?

-I met him through an online dating site asiandating.com


*How many times did he visited you?

-Once. He was here Sept. 1 2015 until Oct. 27,2015.

*Oh! so he was here for couple of months.

-Yes 😊.

*Have you been married?


*Was he married before?


*Does he have kids?


*Do you have kids?

-None yet but we have one coming (pointing to my bump 😂)

*Oh! So you’re pregnant,congratulations! It’s your baby with the petitioner,right?

-Yes. It will be our first child.

*What is your fiance’s job?

-He just recently lost his job due to the company scam. He was one of the victims and I have proof of report.(consul just nod while starring at the computer)

*So how is he going to support you?

-He’s a hardworking man and never stopped looking for a new job right now. and we have his mom to support us as our co-sponsor.

*I see. Do you have any pictures with you and your fiance together?

-Yes. (handed her our photo album)

*If in case of any domestic violence or your fiance will abuse you,know about your rights. don’t hesitate to call the emergency number 911 and state your situation. That won’t affect your visa.

-Okay. Thanks.

*Seems there’s no problem with your case and I have no more questions to ask. Congratulations, enjoy your day and please proceed to step 5.

At step 5, the pinoy staff just confirmed about my delivery option and informed me that my visa will be delivered within 2 weeks timeframe.

Thanks for reading and hope this would help with your case or process. God bless us all and just always be positive. Don’t overthink as it will just drain your energy.

Mar 16 will be my cfo.

“Keep calm and Visa Approved!” 😂


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I129f petition – What if I have not met my fiance can I petition for k1 fiance visa?

i129f petition

What if I have not met my fiance can I petition for Fiance Visa (k1)? Yes.

If you believe you qualify for an exception to the meeting requirement, submit evidence in support of the exception.

If you did meet, submit evidence that you and your fiancé(e) have met in person during the 2 years preceding your filing of this petition. Such evidence may include a written statement from you and/or the beneficiary stating the exact date(s) on which you met in person, copy of airline tickets, passport pages, or other evidence showing you and the beneficiary have met in person during the requisite time period.


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K-1 visa process

Mary Ann Fiance visa approved timeline Jan 28,2016

fiance visa approved

Hi everyone.. Just wanna share you my timeline!

From Mary Ann:

1. Reason for RFE – lacking letter of intent to marry coming from the beneficiary (me).

I wasn’t a member here when we send the petition so I have no clue.. My f works early morning ’til night and comes home tired, so he hired a lawyer to process it for us BUT still miss the most basic requirement 😒 Had my hands on our case after that from every step of the way!

If you have the time to do the whole process yourself, by all means please do.. Read and read. And don’t be afraid or shy to ask. A lot of sissies here are ready to answer your queries!

2. USEM Review – Read the signs! Lol 😝 I was instructed to seat on A but IV greeters ask me to go out first.. They lined us up outside but the cue was for seat B. I relied on them & did not listen to my instinct that I was on the wrong cue lol.. Had to go line up again from the start on where should I belong 🙊

Overall, the interview went smooth.. Only basic questions and not a single document was asked from me by the American Consul. Finished at 11am with a huge smile on my face. Walked out the embassy and immediately felt hungry and oh, my feet hurts! 👠😩

3. CFO Cebu Review – the seminar was very informative. The one on one interview had more probing questions compared to the embassy haha 🙊 I guess it’s because they are protecting us and also concern on our whereabouts. Just be honest.. The counselors are trained and know what are the exact questions needed to raise on a case by case basis. Helpful tip: Be prepared! 😉

And of course.. Pray and pray and pray. Pray in every step of the way 😇🙏🙌

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K-1 visa processStep 5

If I get denied a fiance visa, what are my options?

221g rfe letter

If I get denied a US fiance visa, what are my options?

Going for a US embassy interview can be stressful.  It can be a really bad day if your visa is not approved, but do not lose hope!  You still have options.

Here are the 2 things you can do to overcome:

Refile. Some fiances only get an request for evidence (RFE).  In this case, refiling is not necessary.  All they have to do is provide the evidence that they government agency asked for.  But in more extreme cases, the visa is denied.  If your first fiance visa application did not get approved, refile your application! Will you get denied if you refile? That is really up to you and your situation.  If you are denied, the US Embassy will sometimes explain why you were denied and you can make sure you fix that issue the next time you refile.  Preparation is the key! For sure you have learned your lesson on what has gone wrong in your first fiance visa process. This time do more research, coordinate with your fiance and have a teamwork! Nothing beats teamwork. WIth the right papers submitted to the USCIS, the right papers submitted to the US embassy interview and a practice for the interview questions, you have a good chance to make it to the USA.

221g rfe letter


CR1 spousal visa petiition. If you feel that the option above will not work for you then try cr1 visa or k3 visa. If your case is more complicated (ex: if the applicant has applied for multiple visa before but got denied). You can proceed to getting married and apply for a new visa called CR1 spousal visa (conditional resident visa). This is another type of visa that applicants use to prove to the consular officer that the relationship is real and surpass the doubt of the petition.

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K-1 visa processStep 1

What is the process of the K1 fiance visa applicant with a k2?

k2 visa

We just created a quick video for k1 fiance visa applicant who have a dependent, k2 visa.  We touch on the additional steps that need to be done for the k2 applicant.

For those of you with a K2, let us know if we need to add any other details.

Step 1

I129f package. Submit the I129f petition package to USCIS. Click here for the i129f requirements. There is no additional requirements needed for the k2 applicant. Just add the name of the k2 applicant in form i129f.

Step 2

Received NOA1. NOA1 is the first letter that the US petitioner will receive from USCIS. It serves as a notification that the case has been received by them.

Step 3

Receive NOA2 Approval notice. If all the documents were submitted properly, the US petitioner will received NOA2 Approval letter that says the application has been approved and will be sent to National visa center.

Step 4

Receive National Visa Center letter containing case number. Once the case number is created, the case is sent to the nearest US embassy where the k1 visa and k2 applicant’s interview will be held. The case number is what you use to pay the visa fee and schedule for a US embassy interview.

Step 5

Create additional documents for k2 applicant. K1 applicant has its own set of documents to comply. Click here for the checklist. Below are the additional steps that the k2 visa applicant must do.

  • Create a separate DS 160 Online Non immigrant Visa Applicant. Click here for the form.
  • Print a second MRV deposit slip for k2 (philippines).
  • Pay a separate visa fee of $265.00
  • Pay a separate medical examination fee.
  • Schedule an interview.
  • Appear for an interview. Bring passport and birth certificate.
  • If the child or children has lived abroad at age 16 or above, he/she needs a police certificate.

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