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I Got Scammed on Dating Sites

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by: Bruce Brown

If you have ever been scammed on a dating site then you are not alone.  Although I am happily married now for 2 years to my best friend and soul mate who I met on a dating site, I did not always have such great luck.  Back in 2009, I was a single father with two kids on dating sites looking for love and companionship.

I was scammed multiple times and I lost a lot of money in those romance scams.  Girls who pretend to be with you but turn out to be fake.  I was so good and supportive to these scammers that they would usually admit to me that it was a scam, but they were ready to make it real.  Of course, after realizing I had been lied to me, I was reluctant to talk to them anymore let alone be a boyfriend.

Looking back I can see that I made very, very bad decisions because I felt alone and I was trying to rush to find something new.  It is better to just take your time.  Take time to really get to know each person you talk to.  DO NOT send money.  If someone is asking for money on a dating site, you should be suspicious.  This should be obvious, but if your emotions are involved your judgement gets cloudy.

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K1 Visa Nigeria Scam 2015


I had been talking to an American woman in my facebook account since June 2015. At first, she told me that she met a Nigerian man and is getting married in Nigeria. She mentioned that she hired a lawyer to process her CR1 spousal visa.   Instead of a fiance visa, they have decided to get married in Nigeria and have her petition for a Cr1 spousal visa. She has visited a couple of times in Nigeria. She is 60 years old while the man is about 30 years old. Her friends had been warning her that it might possibly be a scam. Despite of her friend’s warning she decided to continue the relationship. During her visit, they did not have sexual contact despite of being married on paper. She said she was mistreated by the guy. She also caught the guy flirting with other women in facebook.

The day she sent me a messsage, it came into my mind that it might be a scam because I heard of lots of horrible stories of Nigerian men scamming women. Also, it is rare for younger men to hook up with women double their age. But I did not say anything about it because I did not want to offend her.  In our last message together, I found out that the guy has been very bad and was just using her. She has called her lawyer to filed a divorce and end the marriage as soon as possible. Below is the content of her message.

Nigeria-Marriage -scam

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Mbayi Ambo Scam – fb groups


Mbayi Ambo is offering members of facebook groups a passport for $150.00.  For $150 dollars she claims that she can get an exemptions from the medical examination AND exemption from appearing of the US Embassy interview.



If it sounds too good be true it probably is.  This is a scam for sure.  Even if you get a fake visa/passport and bypass the medical and Interview, the US Customs Border Protection requires a package that you can only get from the Embassy.


This is a warning to everyone who is going for a US Visa.

Mbayi Ambo claims that she is from New York but her profile says Ontario,Canada. She is also using fake photos in her profile in Facebook.



facebook-scam mbayi

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3 Tips for Buying Online


3 Tips For Buying online

We had a few people get scammed by a person using Yuri Sincero’s information. The reason they were scammed is because they did not follow these three tips:
1. Verify before you buy
2. Use Third Party Payment System
3. No Cash Online

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Find a Scammer: Denise Manlutac Balibago Tarlac


Base on our investigation of this identity theft/Instagram scam happened, we found out that the scammer successfully stole money from a victim in Manila using the same “Gadgethub_” Instagram account.  She attempted to scam someone in Cebu also posing as “Yuri Sincero”.  The Cebu victim was instructed to send the money via parcel to Tarlac.   This package contained the real address of the scammer.

On the successful scam, she had the victim send the money through a money order.  In claiming money, the person does not need to send his/her full address.  However, in claiming money the courier will be asked for a government issued ID or a student ID to successfully receive the money.  Therefore, if the scammer did not want much hassle, she will use her real name to pick up the money.

With the real address and the real name we were able to track the person down on facebook.

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