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US Government Shutdown Affect on Immigrations

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The US Government is possibly shutting down on 19 Jan 2018 if legislators cannot agree on a federal budget for 2018. If they agree on at least a short term solution, they can extend the decision to 16 Feb 2018.

If the government is shutdown, how will this affect the immigration services? Specifically, K1, K3, CR1 and green card which is what most of our community is going through.

From our quick glance at the resources below, we can see that it not shut down USCIS or Department of State (the main organization doing immigration services) but may delay them. The articles indicate that these services may shut down if the government is shutdown for a long period of time.

My Resources:
Immigration lawyer (2013):

VisaJourney Conversation:


Major News outlets:

Government Sites:

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People of Walmart – Beauty and the Beast (Little Town) PARODY

people of walmart – parody 2

Yuri and I wanted to tell the story of how she was cursed out by a random guy in Walmart that thought she was a Walmart employee. She had just got to the country and could not help the guy if she wanted to. We wanted a creative way of telling that story and we came up with this. We decided to talk about all the other things that are interesting about Walmart, including Black Friday!

Instrumental by Eline Homburg

additional instrumental by : @JEOnTheButtons
Originally produced by J white

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bidet installation luxe 120

luxe bidet 120 toilet seat installation

In the Philippines they use a tabo in the restroom instead of toilet paper. It is very different so I thought this was strange. It is similar to the bidet that is used all over the world. I think it is actually a cleaner way especially when used with toilet paper. WAY cleaner. So I started looking into way to hook up a bidet in our house. A hose like I have seen used in Asia and parts of the middle east was my first choice. But then I seen the Luxe 120. This video shows how to hook up a Luxe Bidet. The result is that my wife is happy.


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Help spouse with money issues (international couple relationship counseling)

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How can a foreign spouse help with money issues?
This is a question that came in from one of our subscribers, Veronica D. Thank you Veronica for your question.

Here is what Yuri and I did to get ourselves in a better financial situation:

1. Know the financial situation. First off we had to sit down and talk about what was going on financially and where we want to be in the next few years. We created goals about debt, credit, income and assets.
2. Create/Fix Credit. My credit was pretty bad so this limited our options on what we could do financially. We established Yuri’s credit by adding her to a new line of credit that I got (at Sam’s Club We made small purchases to increase her credit. We made sure we paid all my credit and loans down or off.
3. Get an Income. A foreign spouse can fix lots of money issues with a job, a business, or other assets that have an income. That extra income can help with debt.
4. Emergency savings. Have an emergency savings that you can uses when times get rough. This is not to be confused with long-term savings. This is money that is set aside only when you need it.

The main point is to be on the same page with financial issues. This was a big leap for us. Because we are both very independent and had very different views about money.

One thing that helped us get on the same mindset was a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and another called 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone.

Music by:
Joakim Karud

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Bigger Goals Take More Work – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

bigger goals more work CNA

Yuri has decided to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  It is a hard job.  Yuri has a full time job while going to school while doing part time business.  We are on the grind.

It has been a lot of time apart as she goes to school and as I continue to work. We are blessed to have work and so many opportunities, but sometimes it is hard.

Thank you to all our subscribers and all our patrons!

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Cleaning up Litter in Colorado

litter clean up colorado

A week or so back, we went to #goldcamp road in the mountains to hang out. It give a great view of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unfortunately, there is trash all over the place.

We decided to return and do a little cleaning.
Contact US!

Purple Shadow:


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REAL men? and Immigrant Women getting abused in America – WElationship


Every now and then we get these stories about women coming to America on a spousal or fiance visa and getting mistreated by the US petitioner. It does not happen that often, but its way more often than you might think.

We just want to send a quick message to those going through this.


Congrats Manny Gutierrez!

Check out Manny:



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