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Active Passive Income (Jan 2017)

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#yuribruce reveal the active vs. passive income for the month of January. Things are going pretty good. We are very happy even though the numbers for YouTube have been cut in half, the other income streams are going well.

As we increase our passive income streams we are seeing changes slowly happen in our life as there is less stress from issues about money.

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Long Distance Relationship Advice being apart (#Welationship 11)

long distance relationship advice

Yuri visited home in October 2016. We had been together for 2 full happy years but it was time for her to go back to the Philippines and see her sister, #purpleshadow.

In this episode we talk about how it felt to be apart, being interdependent and what we plan to do next. We share what we have learned on our journey.


Purple Shadow:



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Passive Income on Youtube and Adsense (October 2016)

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This is an update of our passive income progress for the month of October. We actually lost money from stocks but made more on revenue sharing.



Steve in China:

NG Gavin:

Grant Cardone:

Don Leske

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How to make money online

Passive Income with my24hourincome (part 1)

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Thank you Lu+Toiya for introducing me to an amazing, life changing system created by visionaries Drew Burton and Faheem Rajput.*

I met this crazy couple on Youtube who introduced me to something that that changed the direction of my life, career and goals. What a blessing! It is called my24hourincome and it is a revenue sharing program.

I thought this was an MLM or Network marketing but it is not. Revenue sharing is the distribution of profits and losses between stakeholders. Apparently, this is a thing! It is going to be a really big thing. You have to try it to see for yourself the growth potential.

Join US:…

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How to make money with Ibotta app

ibotta app couponing

I found another money making “couponing” app that is even better than ReceiptHog!  It is called Ibotta.  I use both of these great apps and make a little cash back on my purchases.

Wow!  This app is very rewarding!  I started using it early this year and was amused by the befits I got from it.  It is definitely worth the time and effort.  It does not only give you rewards when you scan qualified products from your receipts but it also provides more points by sharing the app through your friends and family.. here is my referral code: “bnouobr”  JOIN MY TEAM!
Having teammates gives you more bonus points when your team reaches a certain level of achievement.  Everytime the team accomplish a required level or goal, they give additional dollar points.
Whenever someone joins with your referral code, will also receive a $5.00 reward.

Does it sounds too good to be true?
Friends of mine have already made money with this app.  It only takes a few receipts to reach $20.  This reward is immediately converted to a gift card.
You can also claim the reward through Amazon or paypal.

What is the catch? How does the company makes money?
I am actually very curious and paranoid about people stealing information.  I had to dig deeper.  I found out that Ibotta makes money through affiliates.  They have an
agreement with companies to make this app happen and for them to make a profit out of it.
Ibotta is very to use.  The app is available for both Android and IOS phones.
Goodluck making money! 🙂




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