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2 hours of sleep + Domestic Violence (YuriBruce VLOG001 – 8/29/16)

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Bruce works a full day + side business, battles a huge medical charge, pays bills with 2 hours of sleep.

Yuri makes $155 in 19 minutes while day trading.

The couple figures out how to help a friend deal with a very serious domestic violence issue.

***If you are being abused Call 911***

Support Sites:
Sexual Abuse – https://www.rainn.org/
Domestic Violence – http://www.thehotline.org/, http://www.ncadv.org


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Relationship advice for couples: go on dates


Relationship advice for couples… go on dates!

Even though we are married, we still go on dates every now and then so we can keep things interesting.  For us, it can be simple like going out on a date.  We do things that we know the other person will like.  We serve each other.


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Relationship advice for couples… go on dates!


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Tasty homeless burger recipe

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We went out on a date and a panhandler approached us for food. We bought a burger but he left when some one else gave him money. We have to learn when to help and when to say nope.


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Will it affect my green card if I dont submit my ROM Report of Marriage ? For Ph only Tagalog

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This video is in tagalog. Filipinos need to submit report of marriage in the Philippines in order to change their status there for purposes such as renewing your Philippine passport and requesting for a copy of marriage license.
Ginawa ko ang video na ito dahil marami na mga pilipino na gustomg malaman kong maapektuhan ba ang kanilang green card kung hindi makapasa ng ROM. Hindi po maaapektuhan ang iyong green card kung hindi ka mag submit ng ROM. Ibang proseso po iyon. Pero kung makapag desisyon ka man na mag submit at kung sakaling makipag diborsyo ka sa pilipinas, pupwede mo paring baguhin ang iyong record sa pamamagitan ng pag report sa Philippine consulate dito sa Amerika.

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Have you managed to get a job? is it difficult to get a job?

have you managed to get a job

Youtube question

Van Dipp asks: Have you managed to get a job? is it difficult to get a job?
In our experience, it is not hard to find a job in the US.  But it does depend on the career path.  If you want any random job, it is really not hard.  Most Americans are very picky with what job they choose.  They are very reluctant to work at a fast food restaurant or in retail for example, but those jobs almost always have openings here in the US.  If you want to have a job as a scientist or upperlevel manager at a law firm, that requires the appropriate certifications, degrees and experience.

The great thing about America is that it is easy to start a business.  It takes hard work to have it make money, but there are so many opportunities that if you are willing to take risks you can eventually do it.

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How to motivate your kids to achieve their own goals ?

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Parenting is a whole another level of training for me.  I was 25 when I started being a step mom to a teenager and a 9 year old.  It was something I had to mentally prepare for.  The kids and I bonded immediately because I was able to to put them first and be very supportive.

Investing my time in them has really made all the difference.   It is not always easy, I used to get extremely exhausted before.  Now, I just count it as part of my day.  As they grow up, we noticed that there is more work that needs to be done on their emotional development and motivation to start getting things done on their own.  We can only really point them in the right direction.   I have learned a lot since I got married and became a parent.

  1. Build your kids confidence.
  2. Teach them independence.
  3. Include them in the family’s activities and goals. Listen to their suggestion. Create a vision board.
  4. Post motivational frames in your house.
  5. Be supportive all the time.If the ideas seems unrealistic then suggest something that they can do better. Have boundaries though.
  6. Acknowledge when your kids did something great. Give them a hug. Reward them for their current achievements.
  7. Work ethics. Show them what hard work is. Always tell them that you will not get anything done with sitting and doing nothing all day.



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Homesick Therapy: Kamayan

best filipino food

The US is becoming my home because I am with my husband but every now and then I miss my home country, the Philippines. The feeling of frustration, getting upset for no reason and being moody is what happens when I am homesick. I knew it was not time to go to the Philippines yet so I have to do something.

So I went to the Asian market, spent about $100 to get all the ingredients that I needed to make kamayan food. My mood changed from depression to extreme excitement and happiness. You should do the same too when you start feeling it.

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