K1 Visa Green Card Discussion (10/29/2017)

90 day fiance reaction k1 visa green card

Yuri and I had a live Live conversation about k-1 visa green card stuff.  Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Notice of Action 797, approval
  • K-1 Time lines
  • TLC’s show 90 day fiance gossip
  • RFE cases

We are not lawyers or authorized advisers, we just facilitate a conversation about K-1, green card and Aos.



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K-1 Fiance Visa and Long Term relationship of Mike and Ville


Congratulations to Mike and Ville for their 12 year relationship.  We had a chance to talk to Mike and Ville.  Mike tells how he became a naturalized citizen in the USA then brought his fiance over from the Philippines on a K-1 Visa.

Check out Mike and Ville here: .In this video we talk to Mike and Ville about their K-1 visa process that they did 2 years ago, the legal permanent residency (green card) process and their relationship.



Check out the video of our interview with Mike (who is a naturalized citizen) and Ville his partner of 12 years.


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K1 Visa Green Question (Live) (10/1)

90 day fiance reaction k1 visa  green card through marriage

Live conversation about k1 visa green card stuff.  We talked about whether or not you should do K2 during the K1?  What to do if you lost your job during the adjustment of status process?   Should you cover up your account numbers on financial forms submitted?  How long does it take for the US Embassy to tell you that your are approved?

How long does the Adjustment of status take?


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green card through marriage process lezima brand 1 2

green card through marriage

Lezima tells about how she got her green card through the marriage process. She did get an RFE (request for more evidence) due to some issues with the i485 form.

Check out Lezima here:

Check out Brand’s Youtube page here:


About US:
We are a filipina american couple. We give relationship tips and relationship counseling particularly for marrying a filipina :).

We also talk about things like retiring in the philippines, cost of living in cebu philippines, cost of living philippines vs usa, fiance visa process, and green card through marriage process.

The first videos we made were k1 visa process step by step guides and videos about dating filipino girls.

We have a site at that is a repository of a lot of our content.

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k1 visa process green card through marriage relationship consultation lezima brand (1)

k1 visa process green card through marriage relationship

k1 visa process green card through marriage relationship consultation lezima brand 1 Yuri and Bruce interview Lezima and Brand about their K1 Visa Process, their green card through marriage process and ask them a few questions about their relationship. Lezima and Brand are still on their journey and you can check out their youtube pages. Check out Lezima’s Youtube pages here: Check out Brand:

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i751 petition to remove conditions on residence 10 Year green card

i751 petition to remove conditions green card fill out form chaos

i751 petition to remove conditions on residence walk-through. In addition to filling out the i751 form, you will need to gather evidence. Check out our video on this here:

10 Year Green Card i751 (Gathering Evidence 1)

If you come to the US on a NON-immigrant (k1) visa you may have the option to stay longer with a i485. If you plan on staying in the US (legally) for longer than your visa allows you will have to do a form I-485, adjustment of status.

Form I-485 is for people in the United States to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to adjust to permanent residence status or register for permanent residence (also known as Green Card).

If you came here on a k1 visa, the green card the USCIS gives you will be a conditional 2 year green card. After 2 years you actually have to file an i751 to remove those conditions.

The i751 is a petition to remove the conditions of the 2 year green card which will make it a 10 year green card. It is “for a conditional resident who obtained status through marriage to apply to remove the conditions on his or her residence. requires evidence”. This document requires lots of evidence to show that you were in a real marriage.

Over the years we have been collecting that evidence. So far what we have is:
– Travel documents (itinerary, tickets, photos with landmarks, receipts)
– tax documents filing joint
– bills with both of our names
– health insurance (with both names)
– car insurance (with both names)

These documents show that we live in the same place for years and have joint interests together.

for more on the i751, check out this site


Track #3 from my new album Guess Who’s a Mess, due November

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“Extreme Vetting” Green Card and President Trump New Rule

green card vetting

“Extreme Vetting” Green Card and President Trump New Rule
Does this affect you? Are you a permanent resident? If so, it may affect you.

USCIS New on the change in policy:

Effective Oct. 1, USCIS will begin to phase-in interviews for the following:

• Adjustment of status applications based on employment (Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status).

• Refugee/asylee relative petitions (Form I-730, Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition) for beneficiaries who are in the United States and are petitioning to join a principal asylee/refugee applicant.

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