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bidet installation luxe 120

luxe bidet 120 toilet seat installation

In the Philippines they use a tabo in the restroom instead of toilet paper. It is very different so I thought this was strange. It is similar to the bidet that is used all over the world. I think it is actually a cleaner way especially when used with toilet paper. WAY cleaner. So I started looking into way to hook up a bidet in our house. A hose like I have seen used in Asia and parts of the middle east was my first choice. But then I seen the Luxe 120. This video shows how to hook up a Luxe Bidet. The result is that my wife is happy.


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b-boy dance Alaska illaskan assassin chips lezima brand 1 4

hiphop dance

We did an interview with Brand (aka bboy chips) about how he got his start in as a b-boy.  He is one of the original members of a dance crew called the illaskan assassins.  This is a bonus video from our series on the k1/green card process we did with Brand and his wife Lezima (check it out below).


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filipina cultureFoodVLOG

The Balut Challenge 2017

balut challenge food challenge

I did it. I finally ate Balut. With a little help from Lezima and Brand. I have been afraid to eat it and you can see it in my face as we begin. But.. Mission Accomplished.

check out lezima and brand here:

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takes Balls to Workout

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I have been following http://steemit.com/@steemit-health.  It is a simple daily reminder to take a few minutes out of my day to workout, eat right and meditate.  It was created by http://steemit.com/@dan-atstarlite and it is worth your follow.  It is a great inspiration and I want to dedicate this post to that effort.

We are back from our vacation where we binged on all you can eat buffets, waking up late and just doing whatever the hell we wanted for a solid week.  IT WAS SO FUN!  But now we are paying the price.  Because we are pretty out of shape.

Yuri @KrispyKreme Las Vegas, NV 🙂

cheese cake – Caspian Cafe (Colorado Springs, CO)

Breakfast in Las Vegas, NV

Bruce’s new favorite breakfast spot (eggslut, Las Vegas, NV)

gellato (Las Vegas, NV)


Now that we are back home we are serious about getting the discipline to eat right and work out.

We enrolled in Anytime Fitness a gym that allows you to work out 24/7.  We have odd hours so this was really best.

We need to burn calories so we do some of the aerobic programs at the gym.

Right now we are doing one called Fit Test BASIC.  Where you right down your results.  Really we chose it because we had just finished driving all night LOL..

What we really love about this is that we can just chose a time and work out together.

This is just the beginning of a tough journey back to fitness!  But it will be lots of fun.

Follow our journey on Steemit.com




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Cultural Differences 2 + Food Challenge 3

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Bruce tries a new invention to understand his filipino wife. It is called FilipinaVision (from Mubuyah Inc). Now he can understand all of Yuri’s facial gestures that have been a mystery for years.

Food Challenge (3)
This third food challenge has Bruce blind folded and trying three unique filipino dishes:
(1) – Mangga at hipon – Mangos and shrimp paste
(2) – Atchara – shreded green papaya, raisins, sugar and red pepper.
(3) – Ginamos at saging – fermented small fish and a plantain

For more cross cultural adventures with Bruce and Yuri check them out on

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