How to Get 10,000 Subscribers

How to get to 10k subscribers

We started doing videos in 2014.  But we did not get serious until 2015.  First of all its not really about the subscribers, it is about the views!  And having a big audience is not as important as having an active audience.  But an audience is important.

What did we do to get serious:
– Know your Audience
– Posting consistently
– Talk about what you know
– Learn What Youtube is all about
– Try new things

Know your audience – this means talk to the people watching and commenting on your videos.  Respond to them, read your messages and ask them what they want.  Check out your youtube analytics.  It will tell you what countries they are coming from, what their gender is and about how old they are.  Develop a connection with your audience.

Post consistently – This is not so much about posting a LOT as much as it is posting the same time  or day of the week or month.  Posting daily is super powerful, but not many people can do this.  So just be realistic about what you can do and set a schedule.. it really works.  There are also tricks you can do to keep you on the map with Youtube.. such as create playlists on days you cannot post.  

Talk about what you know – Everyone has something they do well or know a lot about.  Use this to your advantage by telling people about it.  You can even make a separate channel or weekly show about that thing you are good at.  People really respond to information from an expert.

Learn more about Youtube – take the time to do some homework on how to use youtube more effectively.  When they introduce a new feature, implement it and test it.  Learn about search engine optimization, using cards, how to broadcast.  Learn as much as you can.  Watch the pros and copy them.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things.  Try broadcasting, try interviews, try vlogging, try storytelling, try writing scripts.. you can even try other platforms such as Younow, periscope, facebook, mixer, twitch.

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in between work a short vlog

no thumb

Here is the normal stuff we do when we are not filming and when we are in between working.

Music from:

About US:
We are a filipino and american couple. We give relationship tips and relationship counseling particularly for marrying a filipina, international and interracial couples.

We also talk about things like retiring in the philippines, cost of living in cebu philippines, cost of living philippines vs usa, fiance visa process, and green card through marriage process.

The first videos we made were about how we did the K-1 visa process step by step and videos about dating filipino girls. But we have expanded to talking to our audience about what they want to talk about.

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United States LifeUSAVLOG

People of Walmart – Beauty and the Beast (Little Town) PARODY

people of walmart – parody 2

Yuri and I wanted to tell the story of how she was cursed out by a random guy in Walmart that thought she was a Walmart employee. She had just got to the country and could not help the guy if she wanted to. We wanted a creative way of telling that story and we came up with this. We decided to talk about all the other things that are interesting about Walmart, including Black Friday!

Instrumental by Eline Homburg

additional instrumental by : @JEOnTheButtons
Originally produced by J white

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PeopleUnited States LifeUSAVLOG

bidet installation luxe 120

luxe bidet 120 toilet seat installation

In the Philippines they use a tabo in the restroom instead of toilet paper. It is very different so I thought this was strange. It is similar to the bidet that is used all over the world. I think it is actually a cleaner way especially when used with toilet paper. WAY cleaner. So I started looking into way to hook up a bidet in our house. A hose like I have seen used in Asia and parts of the middle east was my first choice. But then I seen the Luxe 120. This video shows how to hook up a Luxe Bidet. The result is that my wife is happy.


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filipina cultureFoodVLOG

The Balut Challenge 2017

balut challenge food challenge

I did it. I finally ate Balut. With a little help from Lezima and Brand. I have been afraid to eat it and you can see it in my face as we begin. But.. Mission Accomplished.

check out lezima and brand here:

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