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Cultural Differences 2 + Food Challenge 3

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Bruce tries a new invention to understand his filipino wife. It is called FilipinaVision (from Mubuyah Inc). Now he can understand all of Yuri’s facial gestures that have been a mystery for years.

Food Challenge (3)
This third food challenge has Bruce blind folded and trying three unique filipino dishes:
(1) – Mangga at hipon – Mangos and shrimp paste
(2) – Atchara – shreded green papaya, raisins, sugar and red pepper.
(3) – Ginamos at saging – fermented small fish and a plantain

For more cross cultural adventures with Bruce and Yuri check them out on

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introduceyourself yuribruce steemit 1

steemit introduceyourself

There is a new social media site called steemit.com. It is more than just a site. It is actually part of a cryptocurrency called Steem which pays each time you post or interact with people on the site.

It is perfect for content developers who publish for fun and for profit.

If you happen to join, check us out @:


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Bigger Goals Take More Work – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

bigger goals more work CNA

Yuri has decided to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  It is a hard job.  Yuri has a full time job while going to school while doing part time business.  We are on the grind.

It has been a lot of time apart as she goes to school and as I continue to work. We are blessed to have work and so many opportunities, but sometimes it is hard.

Thank you to all our subscribers and all our patrons!

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Discontent (when you are not happy in the relationship) + drone episode (2) #welationship #yuribruce

discontentment + mavic pro


Did we get the #DJI drone? Find out in this #Welationship episode.

We also talk about discontentment or being unhappy in your relationship. We talk about how we deal with it. YES, it does happen to us from time to time.

We attribute the success that we have had with:
-Finding the right person
-Confronting issues
-Willingness to make it work
-Hard work (taking action)

Since we have all these things we are able to not only get through hard times, we are able to be happy.

Affiliate programs:
dating site that we met on: http://efilipinowomen.com/filipinocup…

Christian Filipina: http://efilipinowomen.com/christianFi…

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Cleaning up Litter in Colorado

litter clean up colorado

A week or so back, we went to #goldcamp road in the mountains to hang out. It give a great view of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unfortunately, there is trash all over the place.

We decided to return and do a little cleaning.
Contact US!

Purple Shadow:


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Interviewed by JLB Aussie Youtuber jeff Lee Brown

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Aussie Jeff Lee Brown (JLB) interviewed us. I think this is our very first interview. What a great dude! We also did an interview of him to ask about his channel (please check that out).

Check out JLBs channel:

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