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business in the philippines cebu philippines (VLOG34)(Yuri in the Philippines 8)

business in the philippines

Purple Shadow and Yuri make their rounds to local business wholesalers in Carbon Market located in Cebu.  Purple Shadow buys wholesale and sells at retail as a side business.  She talks a little about Bureau of Internal Revenue and how to treat suppliers.  This video should be helpful to anyone trying to start a business in the Philippines particularly those who want to sell items.


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make your story together (welationship ep 7)

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Part of our success, stability and happiness together comes from us having a vision, goal and dream together. We work everyday to accomplish this.

This unshakable work ethic toward a common goal makes it so that we are not easily influenced by negative people. We also avoid negative people like the plague.

We have encountered MANY extremely negative people. Some of whom want us to fail or they find ways to cause unnecessary drama. We don’t make these kind of people a regular part of our lives. We don’t spend too much time on distractions.

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Going to Dentist in the Philippines (VLOG32)(Yuri in the Philippines 6)

dental traveling to philippines

Yuri had 16 cavities! She also needed deep cleaning on her teeth. In the USA, her dental work would cost about $3,000 dollars. Deep cleaning is 700-1000 dollars and each cavity is 100 dollars to fill. In the Philippines, all this work cost about $100usd.

Dental and medical travel has become a big deal since its so expensive to do in the US. Part of Yuri’s trip was to take care of her teeth.


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Traveling to the Philippines Day 1 (Yuri in Philippines 2)

travel to the philippines day 1

Yuri travels from Denver to Seattle to Taipei to Cebu.  On her first day she has to shop for basic needs to stay for one month with her sister Purple Shadow and nephew Jay.

It is a sad when she leaves her husband but exciting for her to see her family who she has been apart from for 2 years.

This is Yuri’s first day back in the Philippines.

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Why Filipinos Are So Happy (VLOG31) (Yuri in the Philippines 5)

why are filipinos happy

Yuri has lived in a developing country (Philippines) and a developed country (America).  She has noticed that people in richer countries can afford to take a lot of their opportunities for granted.  While people in developing countries have to worry about survival.  When survival is at stake, you realize each day you are alive is a blessing.


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Culture of Philippines Visiting Home (VLOG26)

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When visiting family in the Philippines it is part of the tradition to bring back gifts. The culture of the Philippines is focused on family. This is hard for some people from the west to understand, but the more you can grasp this, the more you will understand Filipino culture. It can be a challenge because it can be expensive.

Yuri talks about how it is a little different in the Philippines from 2 years ago. It is a little more expensive. She sent a balikbayan box but its not there yet.

Yuri went back to her sisters house and has been staying busy spending time with family while doing videos.

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Message to Yuri #1: Inspired by Daniel Cabrera


Hello Yuri,

I hope you are doing fine. I am doing ok. But I felt really depressed when you first left. I stayed in bed and did not want to get up. Then I remembered the story of Daniel Cabrera.

In 2015 a medical student, Joyce Torrefranca, saw a homeless kid doing something strange. He was studying at night by the light of a McDonald’s. She took a picture of him and posted it on Facebook. It went viral. https://www.facebook.com/joyce.torrefranca/posts/1010235928995791

Sunstar cover of Daniel Cabrera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsRG-psH-nM


World’s Smallest Violin – taken from SpongeBobsquare Pants
Without Limits – Ross Budden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ


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Responding to Youtube Comments (VLOG23)

Yuri Bruce Q&A

We respond to some of our subscribers on YouTube. Maybe on the next video we will take some responses and/or questions from efilipinowomen, facebook, tumblr, and twitter.

We talk about relationship issues on jealousy, we respond to the good and bad and the ugly. We also answer a couple of fiance visa responses.



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