Relationship K1 visa & Prenuptial Agreement #Welationship ep 4


We have been asked our personal advice from fiances (k1 fiance visa holders) about whether they should worry when their fiance wants to gets a prenuptial agreement.

We both agree that the US petitioner should be upfront about it. They should discuss it with the foreign fiance BEFORE they are in America on a k1 visa so that they can figure out if that is ok before accepting their hand in marriage. Announcing the prenuptial agreement AFTER may cause issues in the relationship and may not even be legally binding since it may be interpreted as being done under “duress”.

We definitely understand why some my need a prenuptial agreement if they have complex assets.

The foreign fiance should know that a prenuptial agreement does not necessarily mean that their husband to be does not love them.


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What I love about bruce welationship episode 3

message to significant other

senormofo says:
“new subscriber here. #2104 to be exact. love your videos and you are both so lucky to have found each other. Yuri is beautiful and Bruce is handsome very attractive couple. Do a video about the top 10 things you love about each other.”

Bruce’s message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Ea3hg1tw0

this is Yuri’s response.


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Family Care Tips – #welationship ep2

family care tips

Yuri talks about some of the things she does to care for the family and shows where she shops. Very simple and effective things that makes life for everyone better.


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Healthy Relationship: Yuri getting a Job – Welationship (ep1)

health relationship getting job welationship

Bruce is an aspiring entrepreneur, but Yuri wants the provincial life. Her dream is to be an employee and work 9-5. She is really not into Youtube or making money online its just not her thing. Finally, Bruce has learned to accept it. She will finally be able to accomplish her dream since Bruce has stop pushing his crazy dreams on Yuri.

Congratulations Yuri on your new job!

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