Since I arrived in the US I have been looking for a new and improved set of beauty products.  For a woman, looking good is very important so I don’t take this lightly.  Also, you have to be careful with what you apply to your face.  For example what a lot of women don’t know is that harsh brushes and tools can be harmful to the delicate skin of the face.

beauty-review (3)Choosing the right brush is also necessary to keep your beauty intact. A smooth soft brush can really make a difference in your daily make up wear. A gentle touch of your brush while applying your blush and face powder will help to not pack too much gunk in your pores.  You should also get in the habit of washing your brush to remove bacteria and not end up spreading it all over your face.


I have tried using sponges to apply powders but I have found that it stretches my face when applying it and its also harder to keep clean.  Bacteria loves sponges. So I transferred into using a brush. The first one I used was very rough and uncomfortable.  I also noticed that my pores were becoming bigger.

beauty-review (2)
Elf eye small brush

Way back in cebu,Philippines 2014,I went to mall and ask the saleslady if I should use a brush or sponge.  She recommend an imported product called “ELF” (eyes,lips,face) brush. She said the brush is very smooth that it feels like a cotton rubbing in your face.  I tried it the first time and was pleasantly surprised how smooth it is.  It does not feel like a brush but a feather that tickles a bit when applying my face powder.  It also applies the powder more evenly.

Elf eye C brush
Elf eye C brush

I have begun to use the brush for blush.  I am so pleased with the results that I have ordered more ELF products for my eyebrows, eyeliners and far, I am very satisfied with all of it and I highly recommend their product.  They deserve a beauty review to spread the word about ELF. Their products are cheaper online, very affordable and they have really good reviews from other women too.

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