The Philippines is among the English speaking countries.  As a matter of fact, it is the most prolific of English speaking countries in South East Asia.

When a native English speaker visits the Philippines, they won’t even notice that there is absolutely NO language barrier.  The English language is so universal there that English speaking travelers don’t even notice how different the Filipino culture is from their own.

By contrast, if you are in Japan and the only language you know is English, the first thing you notice is the language barrier and for a native English speaker you may as well be on another planet because its so hard to communicate there.

In spite of great poverty and an almost 30% elementary school drop out rate, MANY Filipinos speak and understand English for two main reasons:

1 – English is considered an official language along with Tagalog

2 – English is taught in schools from a young age into University as the language of business.

There is so much bad news about the Philippines that many of the great things about it are completely over looked.  The adoption of English in regular prime time news, entertainment and education is one of the most incredible and over looked wonders about the Philippines.  Its the reason that many international students choose to complete their degree in the Philippines.  The low price (relative to other countries) is definitely the main reason, but another factor is that the schools are taught in enough English learning.

The Japanese government hopes to attract 300,000 international students to Japanese universities by 2020.  In such an exclusive society as Japan, this may prove difficult without PAYING students to attend.  And I must agree with Amy Chavez, the Japanese would  attract many more international students if more English was integrated into the mass media and academia.

The Philippines’ mastery of the english language is why many English speaking Canadians, Americans, and British choose filipinas over other women of South East Asia.

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