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Filipina nurses killed in Yemen terrorist attack


52 people were killed and 167 people wounded at the Yemen’s Defense Ministry complex at the hands of a terrorist.


Yemen attack
Map of location of Yemen attack

40 Filipino workers were injured.  Two Filipino women nurses were among the 7 foreigners killed.  The seven included two aid workers from Germany’s  Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), an Indian nurse and two doctors from Vietnam.  Report and details are still coming in, but among those dead may have been a Venezuelan.  The Defense Ministry Complex held soldiers, civilians and a military hospital. 

The Al Qaeda style attack rammed a car packed with explosives into the Defense Ministry complex and then stormed heavily armed gunmen stormed inside.  The killers conducted the attack in broad daylight taking advantage of some construction work in the area.  There mission was to kill as many as possible.  Some filipino workers survived only by pretending to be dead.

Smoke rises from the Defence Ministry's compound after an attack, in Sanaa
Smoke rises from the Defense Ministry’s compound after an attack, in Sanaa

“We condemn this senseless and barbaric act and we call on the Yemeni government to bring the masterminds to justice and to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of Filipinos and other foreigners in Yemen,” said Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez.  The attack from Al-Qaeda linked militants as the Yemini government increases ties to the U.S. 

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, there are nearly 1,000 OFWs working Yemen mostly as nurses. 

 “We nurses are vulnerable to any armed conflict that may arise in different countries, these are the times wherein we have to be more critical of the motive of the killing of Filipino nurses, we mourn the lost lives of my colleagues in the nursing profession. May your soul rest in peace and condolence to the bereaved family.” John Rye ––7-filipino-hospital-workers-killed-in-yemen-suicide-bombing-031803234.html

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