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filipino girlfriend
filipino girlfriend

Many foreigners have no end of complaints about their filipina wives sending money back home to the Philippines to support their whole family including filipino siblings who have not intention of seeking a job to feed their own kids.  The foreign spouse of the filipina sees the extended filipino in laws living off of one source of income.. his.

Parents rely on their daughters to send monthly support for the deadbeat’s food, utilities and medications.  The filipino mentality is that when one family member lucky enough to marry a foreigner, she is expected to support all of them like a charity foundation feeding homeless people.  It is actually worse than beggars since it becomes an obligation for that filipina living abroad to help without excuses because they are family.

I cannot say that it is part of filipino culture to feed the whole family because it is clearly not the foreigner husbands duty. They come to the Philippines to find love not to become an atm, a bank or a gold mine.  Filipinas should understand too that their husbands are not a money tree where all the leaves can keep falling.  It doesn’t work like that! The money is not limitless. These guys work their ass off to save and come to the Philippines to find a good wife.  Yes, they do not mind providing because it is part of the marriage to take care of the wife but not to care for the entire extended family.

But there is one thing that a foreigner should know. Part of the culture in the Philippines is to take care of our parents. We believe that we owe them our lives, for raising us specially the good parents who are always there with full support for their daughters.  Part of loving our parents is for being there for them when they need help.  That includes money and caring for them when they get older. We have one or two home for the elderly in the Philippines that only rich people can afford so we are obliged to take care of them. Philippines is a developing country with a third-world options and services.

A foreigner should familiarize themselves with the culture before thinking of marrying a filipina. If this is acceptable then you can proceed to date one, but if not, you should not get yourself into a situation where you feel you have too much responsibilities.  Your choice is to take it or leave it!


Yuri Sincero
Yuri Sincero

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