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There are some (very few) filipinas that exclusively seek tall, dark and handsome men.

I will be honest here, there are not many pinay that are into dark skin (or any color other than white).  But the ones that can appreciate the beauty of any skin color are the best. They are diamonds in the rough.  They rare and precious, because they look beyond color, and they know that beauty is skin deep.

I will tell you my person experiences with filipinas and black men.  First of all, let me give you my perspective.  I am a black man.  I have been all over the world.  I respect everyone right to an opinion and a preference.  I personally do not give a damn about ethnicity or race.  I am more into what people do rather than what they appear to be.  I like asian girls but also love black, white, indian and whatever else..

Anyway, I was searching dating sites for asian girls seeking black men.  I thought maybe I would have many great opportunities with the filipino dating sites.  I thought because filipinos seem way cooler and more open than Japanese, korean and Chinese  cultures, that I would do better with filipinas since I am black.  I was VERY wrong.

First of all there are very few filipinas seeking black guys.  And MANY explicitly say on their profile “NO BLACKS”..   its so bad that I was expecting a “NO BLACKS or dogs” for the extra SLAP in the face.  Some profiles Or   would say ONLY WHITE guys.

I was pretty disappointed, because it was a LOT and I started to see that they really have a preference for White guys.  The Philippines (just like the rest of Southeast Asia) is not what I thought it was.. not at all.   White is really their standard for beauty in the Philippines.

90% of the filipinas trying to talk to me were not interested in having a black guy (as many find that disgusting, I later found out from more than one filipina).  They are mostly interested in my GREEN not my BLACK.

But I figured there MUST be some that are at least OK with black guys.  So I started looking for those that want ONLY blacks.    Some did not mind race and were very open about it and told me that they had black & white guys.  I only met one or two that exclusively date black guys.  As I said, the ones that were open to black or white, were special.  They are mature, open minded and not brainwashed by national standards of beauty.

I know their preference is a white guy, but I still think that filipinas are the best that I have met on average.  Because if they can find good, stable black man they will worship him and treat him like a king.  Furthermore, that black guy she choses will be so coveted among others filipinas, that pinays will often go out of their way to steal him from another (this happens a LOT).

Filipina girls that go for blacks believe completely in the sexual prowess of black men. It is apparently legendary in the Philippines that “black = HUGE”.  You and I know that this is not always the truth, but its fun to dream BIG.  Because of this stereotype, a black man is sought after by filipinas that don’t like black guys but go out of there way to have sex with them.  They don’t want to be seen with him, only want to be destroyed.  The fact that this is true makes it even funnier.

To find filipinas that exclusively date black guys, search on the dating sites.  You won’t find many but they are there.  If you are in the Philippines, go to the hip hop clubs and keep your eyes open. You can also find them in the malls.. or rather they will find you.

Beware of the ones that will seek you out and pretend they like black guys when all they want is green.  These girls will already have a filipino guy.  That filipino guy does not even have to have a job because she will use YOUR money to care for him!  I met several filipinas that do this.  All she wants with you is money and will only stomach the sight of you as long as she is paid.  Your sex is a bonus.

Just to give you and idea of how true this writing is.  I had my filipina fiance read this and she did not change one word or argue or feel offended because its the truth.  Knowing what I know now, prompts me to sometimes ask her, “why do you want to be with me?  Don’t you want a white guy?”

I mean we do love each other and share a special connection but everyone has a preference.

Its not all bad news.  You have to look beyond the Filipino social stigma against dark skin and find the real people.  I have been to the Philippines numerous times and have never been treated bad because I am black.  Just like anywhere else there are good people and bad people.  Everyone has a preference, but it does not mean you cannot get laid, find a great woman, change hearts and minds.

Beyond race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and political views there is someone who fits each of us.  We have to be ready to accept it.

My fiance is filipina and I am black.  We are very happy and truly blessed.  Our love of each other is way beyond the scope of this writing.  Its way beyond race.  Its truly something special.  If you keep looking you can find it.  First you have to believe it exists.

dave-chapelle-filipina  If you are a filipina and like black guys or a black guy and love filipino women don’t be discouraged by the mainstream.  All that matter is what YOU consider beautiful and who YOU choose as your partner.  Don’t let other people distract you.  In the US MANY black Americans choose a filipino wife.  Famous comedian Dave Chappelle is with a filipina.  Sean “p.diddy” Combs is with Cassie, a filipina.  Another famous rap mogul, Master P has half filipino kids (so does his brother).


Sean “p.diddy” Combs and pinay Cassie Ventura

filipinas go for black
Cassie Ventura

(This article is written by my fiance)

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  2. I am a Filipina and I agree that most Filipina likes white and that’s just sad. I am currently in a relationship with black and he is somehow nice and he is really good in cooking. I love those African foods he prepared. But to be honest,he really is struggling with girls although he gave me a heads up about it before we dated. I am trying to understand him and telling him always to be open to me which I guess he is being open but obviously he really is so easy to get tempted. This may sound silly but I have met two ladies already visited to his condo claiming they were a gf too. Although he threw them out and told them I was his gf but what I don’t understand is he is still doing it. I have no issue with skin colors or culture cos I know I can get along with any cultures. What I am worrying is, though I don’t want to judge all blacks out there as being like that too. What I don’t like is the fact that I might not date a black again not because of his raise/color/culture but because of the experience I am currently on. I am glad that you met a really nice one and I am hoping this guy I am dating would gradually change,well not for me but for himself so that he will not be a bad example with some black guys. Anyway,the message u wrote is so lovely. Thank you for sharing. God bless!