Many of my readers contact me on facebook asking for advice on their love lives and girls they have met online. They also ask for my advice on dating a filipina and how to behave. Many of them are preparing to go the Philippines to travel around and meet women whom they can potentially have a deeper relationship with.  So I figured sharing this article will also help other men who might get a filipina girlfriend or wife.  We will explore questions such as:

  • What should you do to not offend your filipina date?
  • How should you behave to successfully impress and pleased the woman?

Focus on what you want.  If you are going to the Philippines with no intention of getting serious, then places like Angeles, Subic Bay, Manila or Cebu can cater to your needs.  A bar girl on the job will entertain and treat you nice.  For her it’s all about business.  If you are looking for something more serious then do not look in a gogo bar for a bar girl on duty. Find a girl online before you go and treat her like you would want to be treated by the partner of your dreams.   If you have to pay the girl to be with you, then it’s not a relationship, it’s business.  Do not confuse love for business or business for love.

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1. How should you behave during your date?  Just be yourself, but don’t be rude.  One of the most offensive things  you can do is to look at other women while you are on a date.  If you hope to have an awesome relationship, or even just get laid your chances are diminished if you are constantly checking out another woman’s assets.  Have discipline.  Would it be ok for her to flirt with other guys or check out other men’s “packages” after you just paid for dinner and a trip for two in Boracay?  If she is, then move on  #thesehoesaintloyal.


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2. Walking too fast.  Filipinas do not walk so fast, so if you leave her behind because you are used to walking fast, she might feel bad.




3. Filipinas are mostly submissive.  If you ask her where she want to eat, most of them will say “up to you”.  They are trying to be polite.  Many filipinas are very, very submissive due to upbringing.  You should not take this the wrong way or try to abuse your position. For example, don’t be over bearing with the date.  Be open enough let her choose so she knows that her feelings, preferences and desires COUNT.  This will win MAJOR points.  If you can empower her, you are giving her a feeling no one else can and she will worship you because of it (if she is a good woman).  Another thing you can do to win points is to be interested in her culture.  Try the food of her country, try to learn her language.  If you are offered an exotic food that you do not think you can eat, refuse politely. If you do not like the filipino food, suggest that you want eat something American or european food. Being a gentleman is a huge plus. Filipino girls are drawn to gentlemen. Who will open doors for her, ask her and make her decide where to go.  Remember, empowerment works. And when you display it, you will be seen as a real prize, a rare precious gem that other women will literally try to steal.


5. After a few dates.  if you feel you really like each other, ask her to become your girlfriend. Don’t leave it hanging in between as “friends with benefits” because that will mean you are not interested in anything but sex. And she will decide to step out of immediately.

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6. Prostitution.  If you are dating a conservative not very open minded filipina, do not be very opinionated about how rampant the prostitution is in the Philippines because even though it exists, it is a sensitive topic there.  It is the equivalent of talking about god, politics or race in the United States or talking bad about the royal family in UK or Thailand. It is a controversial topic in the the Philippines.  If you have had a sex with prostitutes before, it is better not to mention it because that might change her mind about keeping you.

7. Do not commit if you do not feel like she is the one. There is always trial and error in dating.  You might meet crazy ones, suspected scammers or some that you are just not compatible with.  It just means you have to back out quickly. You might meet a gold digger which will empty your pocket.

8. Traditional Filipinas. There are some very traditional filipinas that are from the provinces. If you meet this type of filipino girl, you can’t have sex without marrying her.  If you are really serious and think she is the one, then marrying her is your only option to take things further. Religion. If you are not Christian or you do not have religion.  Just be polite. Do not talk crap about religion because many filipinas are very religious.  According to wiki research, 90 % of the entire population of the Philippines is Christian faith(mainly Roman Catholic).

10. Talking Nasty around guy friends. For most filipinas who are conservative, talking about sexual things around friends is offensive.  So it is better to avoid a conversation like that so you don’t end up in a petty argument.

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