filipino-kisses Men around the world seek filipino kisses. So they go online to find the diamond. Although, I can testify of how good filipino kisses are :), I would also warn foreign men seeking a filipina for a serious relationship to beware.

filipino kisses

Seeking a relationship online from dating sites like filipino kisses, filipina heart or filipino bride sites is risky business.   There are MANY scammers on prowling the Internet for men with big hearts and loose wallets. I would say 70% are scammers or are in a desperate situation and just want money not necessarily a relationship.

There is a solid 25-30% that are seeking a real relationship first and desire a man who is financially and emotionally stable.  This women are not maliciously looking to deceive people or online beggars that want a hand out.  They are legitimate women that want a good man.  They prefer a foreign guy because of bad relationships in the Philippines and/or stability and they are willing to give a serious relationship a chance.   Filipino kisses is just the beginning if you prove yourself worthy to a good filipina!

beware scams on filipino kisses
do not scam zone


How can you find a REAL Filipino kiss?

Its a good question.  I found the love of my life online.  I know she is real from the sacrifice she continues to make to be with me.  How do I know she is real?  She told me the truth even when it did not paint her in a positive light.  She did not ever ask for money for any reason.  I met her and we managed to live together for sometime.  Trust did not come easy for us since we both went through bad relationships.  And it should not come easy for you either.  If she is the right one then you can only really know with time.

I went through 7 serious attempt with filipinas before I found the right one.  Of the 7, at least 2 were flat out scams, 2 were users that just needed money, and the other three just were not compatible.


What I learned is:

  • that you must give it time

  • observe behavior to find true intentions

  • if she ask for money, then its not real

  • You MUST meet her

  • Don’t talk without a webcam

  • What is her situation, put yourself in her shoes, what would you do

  • and the compatibility for a long lasting relationship

filipino kiss
2 strong for a filipino kiss



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