I met a filipino muslim girl in Kuwait.  She told me a lot about Islam and informed me that there are actually lots of practicing muslims in the Philippines.

Filipino christians make up over 80% of the Philippine population.  Mostly Catholics.  Most of the remaining people are filipino muslims.  About 5% of the total population are muslim.  So roughly 4 million with 50% women, so over 1 million are filipina muslims.

Islam in the Philippines is strongest in the south.  Mindanao ethnic groups have been practicing the faith since 14th century (before Catholicism).  Before the spread of Catholicism and before the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines in 1521. In 1380, Sheik Makhdum Karim had already built the Sheik Karim al Makdum Mosque located in Tubig Indangan, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi.  Ferdinand Magellan was killed by Lapu Lapu, some filipino ethnic groups believe he was Muslim.  I choose to stick with the facts.. I don’t know for sure.

filipino muslim Mosque
filipino muslim Mosque

Muslims remain one of the biggest ethnic groups of the Philippines.  Although there are Filipino muslim terrorist in southern Mindanao such as Jemaah Islamiah who actually have links to Al qaeda, most muslims in the Philippines are moderate.  In fact, filipino muslim along with the muslims from all over the world are apart of one of biggest efforts to help the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan in Tacloban and surrounding Areas.  The Islamic Relief USA is in the eastern Philippines providing water, food and shelter.

Most of the Muslims are in the south. This includes south west Mindanao, southern Palawan, and Sulu Archipelago.  Some of the turmoil of the South of Mindanao is from a rebel group called Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Filipina Muslims

filipina muslim
filipina muslim

Empowering Muslim Women, Philippines
Founded in 2011, we are a group of young Filipino Muslim women standing against discrimination and social exclusion in Manila. We conduct focus group discussions and personal interviews with young women because we believe it is important to tell the stories of discrimination experienced by young Muslim women in our country. We use our stories to propose policy recommendations to local government agencies. — youngfeministfund.org

Filipino Muslims remain on the outside of the mainstream of national life.  Even though Muslim Filipino women stay in the rear of the mosque for prayers, they are much more open in day to day life than most women in other Islamic societies.  Filipina muslims look for husbands outside of the country.  You can find these women on sites like this:




Some can be found at other dating sites such as filipinocupid.com and other filipino dating sites.


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