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An America processed the papers of filipinos trying to come to America for a large fee.  He advertised “Teachers for Hire” and offered to process their teaching certification and their H1b US working visa.  He was able to get them to the US but upon arrival they were left jobless as there were not enough jobs for them in his daycare center. They struggled for a few months but kept looking for a job.  They now owed thousands the to the guy that got them into the US on an H1b WORK visa with no job.

My cousin is a filipino American living in Washington DC.  She has been living there for almost a decade now.  She has mentioned a couple of times that there are lots of filipinos living around her neighborhood.  I asked her about it because she told me that most of the careers they have there are teaching in daycare centers.  The truth about their career is that they were not teachers by profession but nurses back in the Philippines. Their story all led to a job recruiter who owns a daycare center in Washington DC. The guy promised them a placement in his company for a corresponding price of more than 1 million pesos ($25,000.00).


Meanwhile the filipino teachers who worked at the daycare centers are barely surviving making $14.00 per hour.  They did not make a lot of money so they had to find cheap places to rent at a friend’s basement or a room in a filipino house for about $600.00 monthly.  Once they have settled, they also petitioned their husbands to come visit to the United States.  When their visa expires, they remained in the US.  They became jobless illegal immigrants.

Before the filipino nurses/teachers working visas expire, they were trying to figure out ways to remain in the United States.  A few of the ways they think will work is to find a guy to marry them so they can stay longer and eventually become a US citizen.  Some of the filipino women would even pay American citizens thousands of dollars to marry and stay in the US.

courtesy of filipinonurses.org
courtesy of filipinonurses.org

Poverty and having less opportunities in the Philippines is what pushes filipinos in America to take risks and provide a better life for their family.  Luckily, the husbands who stayed in the United States with an expired visa are now working legally.  It has all changed recently because of President Obama’s program that now allows illegal immigrants to get a working visa in the US.

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