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Filipino woman – Cherish Maningat in Korean Musical: Arirang Fantasy

Filipino Woman

Cherish Maningat filipina woman in Korean Musical: Arirang Fantasy.

There is only one foreigner to make it in Korean musicals and her name is Cherish Maningat (aka 체리쉬 마닝앗 ).  Maningat plays the lead role in Arirang Fantasy (in Korean 아리랑환상곡).  It is a love story, musical/play touring in major Korean cities.  It is about a filipino woman “Isabel” who falls in love with a handsome Korean man.    Cherish plays alongs side Korean performers Park Hae Mi and Bae Gi Sung.

Buhay Korea talks a little about seeing the play last year:

One of my favorite parts is Isabel’s monologue explaining herself to her MIL indirectly. I think a lot of foreign daughters-in-law feel the way she did. During that part, people in the audience shed a tear or two and I heard a lot of sniffling.

Cherish is so effective as “Isabel”. She’s quite funny too with her heavily accented Korean. Her comedic timing is fantastic. (Oh, she’s naturally funny in person too!) Her voice is soothing and her acting is effective.

As Cherish says in an interview with her long time friend Kring Elenzano, The play breaks the negative perception of filipinas in Korea and around the world.

Here is why this play is important:

cherish-maningat filipino woman actress
cherish maningat filipino woman arirang

... it’s about [filipinos] and it represents [filipinos] and this play is somehow also trying to show the world who Filipinos are. Because this play is about a typical Filipino living in Korea, and typical Filipinos, too have stories to tell. Because even if the language is in Korean, the message is universal, and everyone can and will be able to understand.

I want to break the negative perception of foreigners about Koreans (especially the Filipinos who’ve had bad experiences with them) – that all Koreans are mean and bad. They are not, and we should not treat them as a whole. It’s like saying that all Filipinos are prostitutes, just because there’s a lot of them. We hope we can break these misconceptions. – Cherish Maningat

arirang fantasybfilipina
arirang fantasybfilipina

I don’t know a lot of Korean but LISTEN to her voice!!  SHE KILLS it!  YOU GO PINAY!!

Arirang Fantasy is a classic that bridges two worlds.  And does it so tastefully.  To check out what Cherish Maningat is doing these days check her out on the “YOUTUBES” hanging out with Kring for “My Korean Boyfriend” or on Twitter.


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