Many filipinas find online dating as their source of income.  They treat it like their career or a business asset.  Their end goal is to be able to withdraw cash in western union branches.  It sounds crazy but that is what is going on in the Philippines.  I have seen how they do it with my own eyes and I have talked to a professional filipina scammer before.  It is truly unbelievable how they lure foreigners to a romance scam and convince them to send money. Some of them are already in relationship with a local guy.  They will even fund their local man with the money they take from YOU.  Some filipina scammers are in it for fun and profit.  The use that scam money to feed the entire family and have no intention of being with a foreigner at all.  They would normally pose as somebody else and use beautiful filipina pictures including actresses and models.

I previously made this lists of Top 3 things NOT to do on an online dating site and it covers some of these things.   These are the most common lies that they used to fool men online.  My only advice would be do not fall into the trap! Analyze the situation before you fall in love.  Do not be a victim!

Here are some of the things a scammer will say to start getting money from you:

  1. “I am going through a separation, I need help to speed up my annulment.”
  2. “My grandmother died. I need help for the burial.
  3. ” Our roof was blown away by the strong typhoon! Help me please….
  4. “My family is very poor. We are starving. I need money for food.
  5. “Some relative is very ill and need some help.”
  6.  “I am from the US, I am stuck in the Philippines. I need your help to buy a ticket so I can go back in America.”

The point is there are people that are truly in need of help.  If you want to help people, help someone who is at least telling the truth.  Not someone who is deceiving you for money.  Some will even put on an Oscar award winning performance, crying and sobbing to get your sympathy and your money.  How pathetic is that?

It is sad but it is happening everyday on dating sites.  It is better to be aware than to be ignorant about this issue.  There are many good filipinas out there but you have to swim through the scammers before you can get to the shore of possible soulmates.  Just do not fall into the scammer’s trap. Do not get distracted by them.  Keep looking for the right one for you. There is someone meant for all of us. We just need to look for it.  Do not lose hope.  You are a loser if you give up!

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