by: Bruce Brown

If you have ever been scammed on a dating site then you are not alone.  Although I am happily married now for 2 years to my best friend and soul mate who I met on a dating site, I did not always have such great luck.  Back in 2009, I was a single father with two kids on dating sites looking for love and companionship.

I was scammed multiple times and I lost a lot of money in those romance scams.  Girls who pretend to be with you but turn out to be fake.  I was so good and supportive to these scammers that they would usually admit to me that it was a scam, but they were ready to make it real.  Of course, after realizing I had been lied to me, I was reluctant to talk to them anymore let alone be a boyfriend.

Looking back I can see that I made very, very bad decisions because I felt alone and I was trying to rush to find something new.  It is better to just take your time.  Take time to really get to know each person you talk to.  DO NOT send money.  If someone is asking for money on a dating site, you should be suspicious.  This should be obvious, but if your emotions are involved your judgement gets cloudy.

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