How are filipino women?

Being a filipino

how-are-filipino-women (3)
how-are-filipino-women (3)

Of course, just like any other group, we have some very bad people who would rather lie, cheat and steal from others than do their own work or get their own lover or get their own source of income.  You will find bad people in every group, color, race, religion and culture.  Poverty drives many filipinos to do whatever it takes to survive.  That includes scamming foreigners who are wealthy by the standards of the average filipino.

Family is very important to filipinos.  Once you get closer to filipinos you will find yourself becoming a part of our family.  Through good and bad times, family is family.

How are filipino women as daughters?


Filipino women are obedient almost to fault.  Even if the parents tell the daughter to do something bad (such as prostitution or scam foreigners for money) she will do it.  Because of how filipino woman are trained, they often end up caring for two generations of their family.

How are filipino women as lovers?

Once a filipina gives her trust, she gives her heart entirely.  She is owned.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  It can be a bad thing because her infatuation can make her dramatic and jealous.  But you must understand that you have become her life.  You can calm her fears by always providing assurance that you love her just as much as she loves you (or more).

The great thing about this level of dedication is that she will do everything within her power to serve and protect you.  She will put you on a pedestal. She will always ask her man if he has eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner (which is a sign of great caring and love in the Philippines).

how-are-filipino-women (5)But yes, it can be irritating at times especially if you are not affectionate but it is just part of their care for their man.  She will also care for your side of the family as well.  For some chosen few filipino women will also care about your past, your exs, (funny and crazy right? but dude its true).

She will tell all her family and friends about you met, how you fell in love and the times you were together be it good or bad.


If this is how your filipino woman is, then congratulations, she is totally and completely yours!


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    1. hello christian, you’re welcome. glad this article had helped. Yeah I’m sure there are confusions sometimes about how your gf reacts on certain things or to ask too many questions but some of it are just part of our culture or upbringing and our interests to know the man.