When it comes to love and physical attraction, everyone has a preference. Some men prefer the Nordic blonde hair and blue eyes.  Some men are looking for the voluptuous, powerful body of an African woman.  While others are looking for long black hair and almond eyes of some asian women.  I think it is ok to appreciate the beauty of all types and it is okay to have preferences.

I have met some men who are crazy about filipino girls.  I know that it is hard to find a filipina who is serious.  Is there a way to avoid the scammers while searching for the right one? How will you determine if she’s really what you want?  What do you have to do to finally find her?filipino-girl

There are 6 things you need to get the right filipino girl for you.  This is a technique I showed one of my friends.  This is associated with law of attraction. It works and I know it because it worked for me.  I have tried it many times in different situations in life when I needed it.

  1. First, visualized the appearance of how you want your filipina to be.
  2. Write down the personalities of how you want your filipina girlfriend to be.
  3. Write down the special qualities that you want her to be.
  4. Write everything including how you want the future to be with her.
  5. Be ready to accept your opportunity of meeting her and to be with her. She will come in your life when you are ready.  Find that diamond and do not get distracted by stones. When you meet someone in the middle of your search and feel that she is only halfway of your dreamgirl, then it is not her. She should be at least 90% of the dream girl that you have visualized her to be.
  6. Do not give up and keep searching. Each of us has a match destined for us. We just have to work to find him/her. Attract that person with your mind and concentrate.

Here is a note I made for myself to stay focus and happy everyday. I placed it next my desk. filipino-girl (2)

Once you have followed the steps above. I am sure it will also minimize the amount of scammers and bad filipinas that will come along the way of your search. You are near to finding your dream filipino woman. Goodluck!


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