We have been asked by readers about relationships and failing marriage.  It seems like some to the marital issues are easy to fix so we wanted to write a little about how to improve marriages.

When marriage becomes shaky, what are you supposed to do? What are the factors that can improve your marriage? The question of ”how to improve a marriage life” is an elusive topic for many couples.My husband and I gathered the keys that can help improve your relationship. It is based on our own experience as a couple.


The first question is “Should you keep the marriage?” You will know if you consider the following questions:

– Can you see yourself with your partner for the next 10 years?

– Does being with the person make you feel depressed?

– Is your spouse severely depressed because of the relationship?

Improving your relationship is hard work.  So make sure this relationship is worth saving.  If it is not then don’t waste your time trying to work things out.  If it is a bad relationship then this may be an opportunity to make a clean break.

You need to talk to your partner.  Make sure they will invest enough into the relationship to meet you half way.  YOU CANNOT FIX IT ALONE.  It takes two people to fix the relationship.  If it is only you or ONLY your partner trying to hold things together, then it won’t work.

If you and your partner can identify problems together then you have the opportunity to fix those issues.  Or you may be determine that the problems in the relationship cannot be fixed.  What ever the issues they should be addressed immediately.

If the issue is that the relationship is stale, do something crazy to spice things up.  What do you have to lose?

You have Tried Everything:

So you have made self improvements, you have gotten better style, you have gotten in great shape, lost weight, gained muscle, served your partner, surprised them with gifts, tried to communicate, improved the sex, and showed affection.

If you have done everything listed above and none of that works then just move on.  It is likely that your partner has already “checked out” and is not willing to meet you half way.



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