How to travel Thailand – If you are a Filipino citizen and want to go to Thailand, there are a few things you need to know.

Thailand is one of the few places that Filipinos can travel that do not require a visa upon arrival.  As a Filipino citizen, you are given an entry of 30 days stay without applying for a tourist visa. (more on visa requirements by country).

how to travel thailand
Thailand Airport

The three main requirements you need to travel to thailand include:

  1. A valid passport.  Must be valid for 6 months after your departure date with at least 2 remaining pages that can be stamped for entry and
  2. A confirmed travel itinerary. Your tickets should have a departure date and return date that is within the limits of your allowed Visa time (30 days if you don’t have a Visa).
  3. Proof of accommodations and funds. Proof of place to stay (hotel, inn, guesthouse or an address of a friend in thailand) and ‘show money’ just in case they ask for it. how-to-travel-thailandA show money might be requested by the immigration staff  to prove that you can afford the expense during your stay. Prepare a minimum amount of P 10,000.00. The immigration can be strict if you don’t prepare these two and might stop you from leaving the country.
how to travel thailand
Travel Tax queue

Other important things you have to do before you can leave the country:

Travel Tax – You must pay an amount of P 1,620.00 and submit them your passport and ticket for confirmation. Keep the receipt because you need to present it upon checking in.

Do not carry any liquids exceeding 100 ml (sanitizer, alcohol, gels or your expensive perfumes) in your hand carry bags because they confiscate it.

how to travel thailand

Bring only the allowed baggage that is stated in your ticket because they never let a half kilo pass through. You will end up carrying it around the very inconvenient airport.

Well, Why not?

They do not have enough seats around the airport so it is very uncomfortable to carry a bag  around if you have a connecting flight.

Do not wear high heels. Wear a comfortable footwear or else your feet will hurt too much from standing. The Immigration queue is very disarrange. It takes 30 minutes or more of waiting.

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