If I get denied a US fiance visa, what are my options?

Going for a US embassy interview can be stressful.  It can be a really bad day if your visa is not approved, but do not lose hope!  You still have options.

Here are the 2 things you can do to overcome:

Refile. Some fiances only get an request for evidence (RFE).  In this case, refiling is not necessary.  All they have to do is provide the evidence that they government agency asked for.  But in more extreme cases, the visa is denied.  If your first fiance visa application did not get approved, refile your application! Will you get denied if you refile? That is really up to you and your situation.  If you are denied, the US Embassy will sometimes explain why you were denied and you can make sure you fix that issue the next time you refile.  Preparation is the key! For sure you have learned your lesson on what has gone wrong in your first fiance visa process. This time do more research, coordinate with your fiance and have a teamwork! Nothing beats teamwork. WIth the right papers submitted to the USCIS, the right papers submitted to the US embassy interview and a practice for the interview questions, you have a good chance to make it to the USA.

221g rfe letter


CR1 spousal visa petiition. If you feel that the option above will not work for you then try cr1 visa or k3 visa. If your case is more complicated (ex: if the applicant has applied for multiple visa before but got denied). You can proceed to getting married and apply for a new visa called CR1 spousal visa (conditional resident visa). This is another type of visa that applicants use to prove to the consular officer that the relationship is real and surpass the doubt of the petition.

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  1. Hi Sis Yuri i share my experience while i interview on feb 26,2016 i’m denied because of my f not declare his first divorce the Consulate give me a letter. This is 212(a)(5)(A)——you have prior unterminated marriage /the petitioner has a prior unterminated marraige. X -OTHER petitioner has undisclosed previous marriage to ——.

  2. Hi Sis Yuri i share my experience while i interview on feb.26 2016 i denied because my f not declare his first divorce because he could not find while he filed i-129 afrer a month he found the divorce decree when i interview i bring the divorce decree but the consulate he not accept the consulte said my packet send back to USCIS to review but he. Gave a letter .this is —-x—- 212(a)(5)(A) ———- you have a prior unterminated marraige / The petitioner has a prior unterminated marraige. —-x—–OTHER—–pettioner has undisclosed previous marraige to ———
    Sis Yuri ano dapat namin gawin thanks,