Immigrating to US : Getting a drivers license in the US (Colorado)

As an immigrant, one thing I did not realize is that in the US, almost everyone drives.  It is because the land area in the US is huge.

Each state in America has different laws and procedures for obtaining a driver’s license.  In Colorado, if you are not a US citizen, you need to have an I-512, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card issued by USCIS to be eligible to take the driver’s test.  EAD card can also be used in applying for a Colorado State Identification card and opening a bank account.  After filling out Application for Employment Authorization, Form I-765, and an Application for Travel Document, Form I-131, concurrently with or after filing Form I-485, Adjustment of status, I received EAD after 3 months.  After I got the EAD, I applied for my driver’s license.  There are 3 steps that I have to do before I can obtain my Colorado Driver’s license:

1. Colorado Handbook. Reading the Colorado driving rules is necessary before you proceed into taking a driver’s license test.  The Colorado Handbook will help you to learn the rules of the road, traffic signs and other important things you need to know about Colorado roads. Colorado handbook is available to read on this link. Click here. You can also search in the App store, their are available apps there for handbook of many states.

2. Taking a written test.  After 2 months of studying, I went to Department of Revenue in Colorado Springs to get my written test done.  DMV offices here are always busy because they process other services such as state taxes, renewal of licenses and plate numbers.

Note: If you fail during the day of your written test, you can return the next day and retake the test. Prepare 2 copies of billing that show as proof of your address in Colorado State.

3. Vision test. A quick vision test is also conducted after filling out your paper work if you pass the written test.

4. Receiving an Instruction Permit.  dt.common.streams.StreamServerThe Instruction Permit is also called as Learner’s permit in other states.  Once you pass the written test, they will issue a temporary instruction permit on the same day. They will also notify you that your instruction permit card will arrive in your mailbox within 30 days.

5. Drivers test. Once you are ready to take your driver’s test, you can book an appointment in Colorado at Under Division of Motor Vehicles, click Online Services and Select Driver’s test.  There you can choose the dates and the availability of when you want your driver’s test conducted.

6. Driver’s License.   Once you passed your driver’s test, they will notify you of the release of your driver’s license. Goodluck 🙂


To change your address, you can go to this website link.

Or you can also go to any Department of Revenue branch. To change address, you have to bring to proof of billing or any document that shows your current address.


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