Immigration Officer Slaps Chinese Women

On 5 May 2014, Jiang Huixiang, a 38 year old Chinese citizen was denied access into the Philippines after Immigration Officers noticed several extensions since 2012.  The noticed repeated violation of Philippines immigrations law.

Once denied, Huixiang started yelling at the officers.

Keep in mind that before any of the events you see in the video, Jiang Huixiang had already thrown her bag and BIT an officer:

This developed as an on-duty lady security guard Delisia Yap disclosed that Huixiang became unruly that early morning when she suddenly pushed her red hard case from the exclusion room to the airport’s transfer lobby.

Yap attested that the Chinese national suddenly became hysterical and even threw her bag at her.

Yap added that when a colleague grasped Huixiang’s hands, the latter suddenly bit the right hand of the guard.

The real failure is the Philippines Immigration was too nice.  Once Jiang assaulted an officer she should have gone to jail and brought up on charges BEFORE being deported.   

 Officer Rashid Rangiris attempted to calm Ms. Huixiang who started screaming and insulting the officer.  Huixiang was asked to go to the exclusion room.  She refused, shouting then laying on the floor and stopped breathing in an attempt to kill herself.

The Chinese citizen was then physically moved to the exclusion room, but attacked the Officer on the way.  She kicked, slapped and punched the officer.  When she reached into her purse (perhaps to grab an object to attack the officer further) Officer Rashid responded by slapping her.

The Immigrations bureau suspended Officer Rashid and is in the middle of a thorough investigation of the incident.

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