Is coconut oil good for your hair

benefits of coconut milk
benefits of coconut oil

Is coconut oil good for your hair?

Coconut oil for hair is very beneficial.  The oil essence from the Coconut milk is effective for a healthier hair.  There is a method of extracting the coconut oil from the coconut milk.  Coconut oil is one of the natural way in preserving the hair of filipina beauties. It is the best treatment in healing the hair’s split ends and damaged strands from hair dye. Pinays love styling their hair using unnatural chemical products that destroy the growth and the natural smoothness of their hair.  The thought that hair chemicals help preserve the beauty of hair is wrong.

It only makes it to appear nice on the outside but does not make the hair healthy from the inside.

Although extracting the coconut oil is a longer process, it is so beneficial and it keeps the hair healthy without treatment for months.

Is coconut oil good for your hair
Is coconut oil good for your hair

How to extract coconut oil:

1. Put the grated coconut in a big bowl. Pour half cup of water.

2. Using your hands, press the grated coconut many times until u see the milk coming out.

3. Use a strainer or a nylon cloth to separate the coconut milk .

4.In a pan, pour the coconut milk, a few drops of lemon and one sachet of conditioner. Any brands will do but Creamsilk damage repair (blue packaging)is good too. Stir it.

5. Warm it up for 1 minute in a low heat.  Let it cool. Apply it into your hair using a cotton ball. After the process, wrap the hair with the hair cap and leave it for an hour or more.

For best result, leave the coconut milk overnight in a normal temperature and by the next day the coconut oil is ready for hair application. This method of treatment absorbs into the hair fast.


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