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Hi everyone 🙂 I wanted to share my experience in the US embassy (October 07, 2015)

My appointment schedule was 7:30 am. I didn’t go there super early.  I arrived at 7:15 am and to my surprise there was not many people lining up outside.  I went through the security checks and the ticket booth then after that is the fingerprint scanning.  In my head I was thinking maybe inside the embassy it would be packed with people but to my surprise again there wasn’t many!

So I finished through fingerprint scanning and pre-screening interview with an ease. In the pre-screening he asked me for my CENOMAR, Birth certificate, NBI and passport and also questions like: what me and my fiance’s names and birthday, how many times he visited and that’s it. In the oath taking I waited not longer than 30 minutes and I stumbled upon the Korean consul. Luckily, she was doing the oath taking. She doesn’t seem so mean at that time hehe.

After the oath I went in line for the interview. I waited more than 5 minutes. Then I was greeted by this sweet American consul. She asked me who my petitioner was, what he does for a living, how many times he visited (3 questions) and then proof of relationship I showed her our photos. She joked a bit afterwards. Then she said “Well Kaira, there seems to be no problem with your application. Congratulations, welcome to America!” She then made me proceed to the releasing area which is the last step 🙂 I was all done by 8:23 am.

I was really entertained inside because a lot of the American consuls are speaking in Tagalog. So it took away my nervousness for a bit. So my advice to our sisters, don’t be too nervous and be attentive. Because I encountered this rude staff that was walking around. She was so loud and does not address the applicants politely. But other than that everything went by smoothly.

I wish you all the best of luck! Thank you so much to our sissies that helped me through out the process. Sis Yuri, Honey Ann, Aubrey, Jerwin,Potchy and sis Ofelia. heart emoticon

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