Scheduling a K-1 Visa Interview is a pain in the ass!

It feels like Winning the lottery when you finally get one. As soon as you see a schedule Do not hesitate to click it and grab it the same minute you see it! It is a competition that you must win as there are thousands of people waiting for that same Interview slot. It can get frustrating. Calling the agency is a waste of time if the schedules are not given yet.  They don’t usually give hints on when the scheduled visa interviews with available dates and times will be. You must TAKE YOUR TIME, THINK POSITIVE and KNOW that Interview date that you want to pop up in your screen!

There is a trick that you can use.  There is a little Firefox browser Plugin that you can use called Check 4 Change.  This plugin can be configured to monitor any changes to the Visa Schedule page.  Here is how to do it.

1 ,2 ,3 start!

Step 1. Register through the website.  If its your first time applying for a visa. Ensure to put your address where you wish the visa to be sent.

Step 2: Pay for your visa fee at Bancnet or BPI and add it in the final draft to successfully get an appointment when there is available.

Step 3. Download Check 4 Change in your mozilla firefox browser.

Step 4: Sit in your computer and highlight the words. Right click and set it up every 5 or 30 minutes. I suggest 5 minutes but it might lock you out of the site for exceeding the limit of viewing.

k-1 visa process interview schedule

Step 5: Base on experience and research, the appointment schedules normally appears on Thursdays and Friday. Hours are 1:30 pm , 8:30-9 pm and 10:35am-11am. This might change but this is what I observe. The interview schedule appears below the log out button. As soon as you see a date, request the appointment within seconds . Do it within a minute and send the copy to your email so that you can print it out.

k-1 visa process interview appointment

Good luck! 🙂  🙂  🙂

As of Jan 2015, I have finally made the video for scheduling your interview appointment.



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