TITLE: k-1 visa process Places to stay Near SLEC Medical Center

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  1. Cherry blossoms.  Cherry blossoms is a few steps away from SLEC. It is next to a seafood market. The rooms are clean, decent and spacious. Cherry blossoms also offers complimentary breakfast buffet at the lobby. Average room per night is P2000.00.
http://reservations.directwithhotels.com/reservation/selectDates/16121/campaign/ppc/k-1 visa process hotel near SLEC
  1. Hotel Soriente.  Soriente is 20-30 steps away from SLEC medical center. Although it is very near, I have read many bad reviews about it.  My uncle stayed there and I asked him if the reviews about small cockroaches was true. He said yes.. it is true.  Ew ew :(. Anyway the standard room price starts at P1500.00

    image: myphilippinelife.com
    image: myphilippinelife.com
  2. Ralph Anthony Suites. While researching this place I learned that it is packed for a month (October).  I’m not sure if there is a specific event in October in Manila but I know it is rainy season in the Philippines (October Fest?! ;p ).  The Superior room cost is $ 71 (P2800.00)k-1 visa process hotel near SLEC
  3. Waterfront Manila Pavilion.  The Waterfront’s rooms are normally carpeted with a relaxing ambience. This hotel looks new and quite beautiful. Room rates are P3000.00 (75 usd) and above. Prices may change depending on the season.k-1 visa process hotel near SLEC
  4. Casa Bocobo Hotel. I have chose Casa for both of my two trips to Manila during the fiance visa process. The receptionist are welcoming, pretty and friendly. Casa Bocobo is quiet with a clean environment.  I love the staff.  They made me feel better even if it sucks to be there (in Manila).  They have a cafe next to the lobby. There’s only a few option for food but it tastes good.  I would recommend staying in a room opposite to the roadside because the traffic outside can gets very noisy.  Average room price is P 1500 for the petite room (single occupancy).k-1 visa process hotel near SLEC
  5. Paragon Tower Hotel.
  6. Lodging Houses, Inns and guesthouse.  There is a guesthouse across from SLEC but it is nasty.  It is cheap around P 1000.00 (25 usd). It is so crowded around SLEC area and dirty too. I met a cebuana during my medical exam and she said that her and her mom where staying in a lodging house.  She said it had now A/C and it cost P700. I know lodging houses in the Philippines are dirty so I didn’t even consider staying in one.

Here is a google map for restaurants, hotels and other buildings around SLEC medical Center: https://www.google.com/maps/place/St.+Luke’s+Medical+Center+Extension+Clinic/@14.579186,120.9818631,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7d39c1b9fcf628f7

Personal Opinion:

During my stay in Manila, I walked around a bit to check for hotels around the area.  I was looking for convenience and resources such as banks, money remittance locations and restaurants.  I have to be honest and say that I never felt safe around that area. However, I knew I had to complete the medical examination and there is no other place to do it. It was very crowded there everyday. I stayed at Casa Bocobo Hotel which is walking distance from SLEC. It was quiet and the receptionists were nice. They serve free breakfast too during your stay.

I noticed that some people were coughing within SLEC.  I would advise on buying a mask before you enter the building. They also start early around 5am so you have to line up at 4am to get a priority number. The customer service is poor. The staff and the doctors are also exhausted by 9am.  They have to attend to hundreds of people every single day.

During the rainy days, the roads were muddy and the area is very polluted. Taxi drivers want to rip off their passengers.  During my each of my two trips to Manila for medical and interview, only one out of several taxis were honest or even nice to me.  I also went to Robinson’s Mall which is a few steps away from St. Lukes.  The customer service at Cabalen Restaurant was not good and the food was average.  I cannot recommend it. Just prepare yourself.  Do not expect much during your stay in Ermita, Manila.  Anyway, have a safe trip  and just get over it and be home soon after the obstacle ( SLEC):-)

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