k-1 visa process SLEC Medical Examination, July 21, 2014

Note: SLEC is first come, first serve. There is no scheduling of medical apointment. You have to be there to get your priority number for them to perform the medical examination on the same day. No credit cards accepted. The payment is only in cash.

In the year 2015, St Luke’s Extension Clinic now gives the medical result to the applicants to take to the US embassy interview.

For women, do not go there if you are on your menstrual period. They do not conduct medical examination if you are have menstruation.

What should You do before entering the SLEC building?

  • Eat breakfast! lol. Food is not allowed inside the building.They check the bags and are quite strict about it.
  • Bring a mask. People keep coughing and you might catch diseases from SLEC.
  • Prepare the requirements needed that are mentioned below before you get to the counter

    k-1 fiance visa medical examination
    SLEC view from Kalaw Avenue intersection

Note: Admission of drug use leads to an additional payment of P1000.00 for psychiatric test which takes 4-5 working days of evaluation. Ensure that you are healthy before you do your medical examination as it can delay you from your interview and getting your visa. Applicants should do medical exam atleast 2 weeks before the interview because SLEC only send results once a week.



1. Go there at exactly 4 am to get a priority number early.Senior citizens
are prioritized.

2. Prepare two photocopies of passport. It must be in short bond paper, not enlarged and photocopied vertically.

 3. Prepare 2 photocopies of NVC, the letter that the embassy sent for guidelines.
4. 2 copies of 2×2 visa photos with complete name at the back of the picture.
5. 2 photocopies of the appointment letter.
6. 2 copies of slec registration online. Click here to pre-register in St. lukes online. 

What is the sequence of the medical for K-1 fiancee?
Along the process, passport should be ready as it is presented at all times.

k-1 fiance visa medical examination
SLEC stamp

1. Submit your requirements at the ground floor. It opens at 6am.
2. Pay the medical fee of P 9,812.00 on the 5th floor. People affected by Typhoon Yolanda (which is Tacloban, Leyte Cebu and other part of Visayas) and earthquake victims in Bohol have a discount of 20%.
3. Proceed to 3rd floor and fill up the form for chest xray.
4. Proceed to 4th floor for taking the blood test.

5. Next is the physical examination. All applicants must take their clothes off and wear a hospital gown. The doctor will ask questions about medical history, allergies, medicines taken and previous drug use. I know they say to be honest but here is the reality: If you had experimental use but not a drug addiction and do not have criminal record, its best not to admit because it delays your medical result and you must undergo a psychiatric test. Other question which an applicant must not deny is, have you given birth?

k-1 fiance visa medical examination
SLEC 5th floor

There was one case where a woman got denied her fiancee visa because of lying about having children. Another woman I met who denied giving birth got caught too and was confronted by the doctor to tell the truth as it can affect her visa.  She told the truth and got approved during interview.

How did the female doctor find out?

They do check parts of your body including vagina and can tell if it had given birth or not. They also check scars in your body and wrist to see if you had suicidal attempts in the past.

k-1 fiance visa medical examination
6. Proceed back to the 3rd floor and wait for x ray result.

7. If there are no problems regarding the medical, you can proceed for
vaccination the same day or next day.


Day 2 Medical Examination

Note: They need 4pcs 2×2 visa photos. 2 during registration and 2 in the releasing area.

1. Vaccination , you will be interviewed by the physician and nurses to confirm
if you have had cancer, diseases, and more history of previous illnesses. He/she will make you sign a piece of paper to confirm that you are not pregnant during the vaccination.

2. The physician will ask you of your last first day of menstruation
and will make you sign another piece of paper to confirm the vaccination and that you are not pregnant.

3. She will also remind you once more that you cannot get pregnant
for 4 months. It varies depending on how many shots you get. I got 3 shots. Others who had 1 or 2 shots are advised not to get pregnant for a month.

4. After the shots, you can proceed to the releasing area at the ground floor.

5. Wait for your name to be called. They will ask for 2 more 2×2 visa
photos and the passport.

6. Wait again and they will call you for releasing the copy of your
vaccination paper, X-ray cd and passport with the date, patient number and stamp of SLEC.

SLEC medical stamp

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  1. Hi 🙂 ask lng po sana ako . Kasi meron akong scars sa wrist . Sa left hand ko (i was trying to be like an emo kid before kasi when i was in hight school) hahaha 😂 . Meron po bang affect sa medical records nyan? Thank you po sana makareply ka po ng asap 🙂