The U.S. Department of State has a method of check the status of your visa online.  You can go online and check the status of your case at

After your interview, the consular officer will let you know about the result of your visa interview.There are 3 things that could happen:

  1. If the CO was satisfied with your answers and  all the documents submitted , they will let you know that you have been approved and everything went well. They will also tell you that your visa will be delivered within 1 to two weeks.
  2.   If there are missing papers that you have not provided during your interview, they will give you a letter 221g Request for more evidence. The letter provides an instruction on how to submit the papers back to the US embassy.
  3. If the CO is not satisfied with your answer during the interview , or something went wrong and they found mismatched information, they will give you a visa denial letter. The letter will let you know that your case will be sent back to USCIS for final review.


There are 3 types of processing that you will normally see once you check your status.

  • Ready.  This message means that the consular officer has already marked your case as ready for releasing of your visa and no additional papers are needed or requested from you as the applicant.i129f-process
  • Administrative Processing (AP). After they review the case again, they put AP in ceac website. AP means it is on its way for a visa being issued.i129f-process
  • Issued. This means your visa is already on its way to be delivered to 2go carrier and will arrived to you within days from this status.i129f-process

Visa Issue processing times: 1-2 weeks

If you receive a Visa denial, you can also check your k1 visa status:

221g Request for more Evidence processing times: 1-3 months (depending on how fast you can submit the papers)



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