What is a k-1 visa?

The k1 is a nonimmigrant US Visa. It is sometimes referred to as the “fiance visa” or “i129f petition” because it is used by US citizens who want to petition (make a formal request for) their foreign fiance to come to the United States.

K1 visa cost

The initial cost for the i129f petition is $340.00.  Once the petition is approved, the alien fiance (aka beneficiary) will have a medical fee.  The amount of the medical fee will depend on the location.  In the Philippines the amount is $250.00.  You can find out more here: http://ustraveldocs.com and search for “medical fee”.  Another fee is the visa application which was about $260 at the time of this writing (2015).  You will not be able to schedule an interview without paying the visa fee.

K1 process

The k1 process takes an average of 6 months, but can take as little as 4 months.  If there are complications it can take a year or more.  Complications can include missing documents, missing payments and improperly filling out the documents.

 Case Number

A case number is assigned to your application once the visa is created and is sent to the nearest embassy where the applicant’s interview will be conducted.

 K1 visa status

You can check the status of your visa from the government website:  ceac.state.gov. Select ‘’Check My Visa Application Status’’. Under the Visa Application Type, Select Non Immigrant Visa (NIV). Also Choose the country and enter your case number.

K1 visa to aos

Once the foreign fiance is in the USA (YAY!) with her nonimmigrant K1 visa, they have 90 days to “adjust of status” to “immigrant”.  Based on the condition of a K1 fiance visa, you have to get married within 90 days after your arrival in the United States. Within that 90 day period, you also have to gather the requirements for your Application to Register Status (AOS). Then you have to submit it to USCIS in order to receive a conditional green card. A conditional green card lasts up to 2 years.

 K1 visa instructions

A set of k1 visa instructions can be found on this site. We wrote a batch of articles specifically for the k-1 visa process. Goodluck to all of the couples out there!










Timeline of fiance visa




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