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Kuwaiti woman sentence to death for murdering Filipino maid Astria Samad

OFW on their was to work middle east
OFW on their was to work middle east

Kuwaiti woman sentence to death

Everyone is echoing the news: “Kuwaiti woman gets death sentence for murdering a filipino maid”.

But the real story happened in the summer of 2009.  July 17, 2009, the Kuwaiti police discovered a body near Kabd dessert area.  It was the body of  34-year-old Astria Samad Abdul from Maguindanao, a muslim part of the Philippines.

Once the police began to investigate further they got a full confession from the Kuwaiti couple Abdulaziz Al-Falekh and Rabagh Mustafa Sahata.  They told the police that they mistreated Abdul so badly that they feared she was dying.  They took her to the desert near horse stables and ran her over with a car over and over to make sure she was dead and to try to make it look like she was killed by a car.  — more info here

Nepali & filipino immigrants Kuwait
Nepali & filipino immigrants Kuwait

If you are planning to work in the middle east and you are filipina, please be careful and be aware of some of the the news regarding how many filipinos are treated there.  Its certainly not ALL bad and there is a LOT of work there.  In fact, I am sure that some employers are great in some cases.  But unfortunately there are a lot of cases of abuse not only of filipinos but Indians, Indonesians, Ethiopians and others.  Though I am sure many from developing countries are happy to find opportunities abroad they are certainly not going there to be treated like dogs and/or raped/killed.

If you go to the middle east to work, I hope you do not work as a domestic worker.  If you do, please know that you have rights in the middle east.  Speak up and speak out against mistreatment, NEVER go out at night alone for any reason.

The Kuwaiti woman (Rabagh Mustafa) now faces the death penalty.  Which means a public hanging in Kuwait.  I am not sure why its only the woman getting the death penalty.  Maybe she was the driver.

According to, more than 100,000 Filipinos, many of them women working as maids, live in Kuwait, where some 600,000 domestic helpers


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