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Marriage it self in the US is just a signed piece of paper.  But if you want something more (love in marriage, longevity, a life partner, a soul mate) then that is MUCH, MUCH more than a piece of paper.  It takes more than love.

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Communication.  Listen to your partner.  Not just their words but their actions.  Pay attention to their needs.  Pay attention to their emotions.  Communication is a two way street.  They must also listen to you in the same way.  If only one person listens then how long will the relationship last?

Serve your Partner.  Put him or her first.  If they are your life, then make sure they know it with your actions.

Loyalty.  You are on the same team.  Work for the team.  If your intent is to work on another team, you should have enough guts to at least admit it to yourself and eventually gather the courage to admit to your partner that things are not working.  Loyalty is important.

Intimacy.  Intimacy is based on trust, loyalty, communication and love.  Life can be pretty lonely and intimacy is the closest thing we have to solving this.  Intimacy makes your partner more valuable than physical beauty, money, or talent alone.  Intimacy is why some famous stars have best friends that are not famous, who have no talent and have average beauty.  We are intimate with the few people we

Trust.  You must learn to trust your partner.  If you cannot learn to trust them, then it is best to move on.  Trust is the foundation of the relationship.  For very deep intimacy, trust is needed.  Loyalty, communication, love, and everything else is based on trust.  If you don’t trust your partner, you won’t talk to them about how you feel.  If you don’t trust your partner you won’t believe they can be loyal.  If you don’t think they can be loyal, why will you be loyal to them.


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