“The Last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Dr. Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor


Hello Yuri,

We miss you and we are so glad you are coming home soon :D!

This is a response to your video on DU30. It has been a bit of a controversial topic. So far it has the most comments of any other videos we have created. People are really on both sides about the president.

Today is election day in America. People are even more divided here on who should be the president and which direction the country should go. There is this mentality of if you are not for us you are against us. People are so emotional that it’s hard to have an intelligent conversations about policy, social issues or facts without resorting to personally attacks. It really makes the US look bad.

What I miss about being in the military is that even if you were republican or democrat, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative and no matter who you voted for you were an American first you would still get things done no matter what.

I was in the military during two administrations (Clinton and Bush) liberal and conservative. In both cases, I went to war zones. When were there, we weren’t worried about party affiliation, race or gender. We fought for our families back home and the person next to us to survive. I do not miss war, but I do miss that unity and comradery in the military. Some of those guys are like brothers to me and none of us has the same political view.

What I think about DU30, Trump and Clinton their policies, laws regulation, nation and government of the world is that regardless of what they say and do next year and in the years to come WE will stay united and do WHATever it takes to remain free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. If we cannot do that in America or the Philippines because I am an American and you are an immigrant in the US, then we will find another place where we can.

If we are not wanted in the US or Philippines because of race, religion or immigration status, we will not live there, or start business or buy land there. We will leave on good terms.

I have done well in every climate. In good and bad economic times, whether i agreed with the US government or even my own countrymen, I have always found a way to live my life how i want no matter who is president. Because I believe that if you want freedom, you have to take it. No ONE can give you freedom. Your soul is free even if they lock up your body. I am really optimistic because I believe there is always a way (legal or illegal) to live how you want if you want it bad enough.

With that being said. I wish President DU30 and the filipino people the best. And if it is the will of the filipino people, you are right American should leave and not be anywhere they are not wanted. Its a waste of time and money for both countries.

And to the next US president, congratulations. I hope that you and your administration can make the right decisions for American citizens.

As for you and I, we cannot expect any government, president or politicians to do anything for us. You and I have to do for you and I. If they are inline with what we are doing in our life then great, if they start to interfere with what we believe, or choices in life or if they want us gone, no problem. There are 100s of countries that are open to hard working people like us.

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